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My parents have offered me an all expenses paid trip to Paris for about 5 days at the end of Dec/first week of January.  My husband can't travel due to work so I'd fly from San Francisco to Paris alone and meet them there.  This is my first pregnancy so have no idea if it's a totally insane idea.  The thought of being on a plane for that long sounds like torture, but is it worth it to have this experience before the baby comes?  (I am also so paranoid about being on a...
Thank you all for posting and your feedback!  I'm definitely going to call the office on Monday and try to have a conversation with the midwives about the test, and see if they are open to an alternative method of screening.  Fingers crossed!
I am almost 23 weeks with my first pregnancy and thankfully everything is going beautifully and the baby and I are both healthy.  My midwife mentioned at our appointment last week that I would need to take the glucose test in about 3 weeks from now.  I was just re-reading an Ina May book and she talked about the test not really being necessary, and not giving an accurate picture.  Has anyone refused the test?  What do I have to gain or lose by not taking the test?   Thank...
I can vouch for super hero life! I had the pleasure of meeting Andrea 6 years ago when she assisted w my wedding photography. I started following her blog after. She is lovely, authentic, funny and insightful.
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