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Thanks!  That looks great.  Will be delivered to my Kindle :-)
The name Loren is beautiful but I have only ever known girls named Loren.  I could not name my little boy a girl's name but if you can, awesome!  It really is a lovely name.  Love the name Nikolai.   Water mama - Alena is a great name!  I grew up in the deep south and we had a woman move to the area from Greece.  When she first moved there she said her name was Helen.  Turned out Helen was the Americanized version of her name and she pronounced it A-lay-na.  So of course...
I am 32.5 inches around my chest so I really should wear a 34 but buy a 36 because I like them a bit more loose. The 38's are way to big right now.  They will fit as baby moves up but by then, my cup size will be much higher as well.  BUT I will check and see if they have a retailer because if I could find one that fit, now or later, it would be a big help.  Thanks.
Those bravado nursing tanks look AWESOME.  But are not big enough for me :-(   Anybody have suggestions for larger cup size - I am up to a 36H (just got a new one in from Amazon in size 36G that was too small so I am returning it.)  I hate buying online without being able to try the bra on but there is nowhere locally to buy bras in that size.  Suggestions appreciated!
I am wearing maternity clothes.  The only other pants that fit are some really low cut sweat pants.  I still fit in a bunch of my bigger tops but they are getting short on me.  There is no hiding this baby for me at all.  I have not announced to my church yet but am going to this week.  I missed last Sunday but there will be no getting around it by next nSunday.  I have no idea how I would hide it if I had too, LOL.  When are you planning to announce?
shenanegans - my fav "random bad thing" experience was when I was telling an acquaintance a name I REALLY liked and had thought I would use.  Her reply was that she LOVED that name too - it was the name of her son who was born with brain damage and died at age 3.  Um, thanks.  Name just got crossed off the list.   HopefullyMomma - Cordelia Noelle - beautiful name.  Love Collette and Nicolette as well.  Jackson is on my short list (I already know I am having a boy) but as...
Yeah the thing with the belly button never worked well for me either, lol.  With my second, I carried him so low, he was still UNDER my belly button at 24 weeks.  But the fundal height has always measured right.  With this one, I am measuring a bit bigger but it is my 4th.
I am so happy to have another summer baby!  My dd was born in July and my youngest ds in August.  My oldest ds was born in October and that was terrible - just in time for the flu season.  My dh, ds and I all got the flu when he was just over 2 months old.  He slept in his swing because I was soooo sick and he needed to be upright.   June is perfect - summer months off from taking kids to school and doing homework with them.  Beautiful weather with pick nicks and beach...
It is from the pubic bone to the top of your uterus.  Generally speaking, how many cm it is from the pubic bone to the fundus (top of the uterus) is how many weeks along you are. (Plus or minus a cm or two)  It is usually right at your belly button at 20 weeks but that is a bit variable.
I love Khaleesi for a girl.  It means queen.  You might find this article interesting - I found it a couple of weeks ago :-) http://www.babynamewizard.com/archives/2013/5/khaleesi-the-non-name-from-a-non-language   And Eli is at the top of my boy list (my ultrasound at about 13 weeks showed BOY)  Maybe Eli Jackson.  Or Eli Robert.  Not sure yet.   For a girl, I wanted either Genevieve Evangeline (long I know) or Evangeline Rose.
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