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I never post in this forum (or anywhere lately), but I lurk all the time. I just want to say thank you to all of you wise hsers! The inspiration, encouragement and support that I see in this forum is fantastic I reccently went to a hs co-op of sorts, and there was one other 5 year old girl there. She was reading, and it made me feel like I was failing my dd. I know that I shouldn't compare, but there I was feeling like I had failed. When I got home I got on these...
Originally felting was a word reserved for fiber, not woven or knitted cloth. Now everyone uses it in refference to fabric When you bind the fibers of a knitted or woven item, it's fulling. Just an interresting little tid bit Considering my life (ie. business) revolves around this whole concept, I have to add my 2 cents. Not all fulling is bad. If you do it too much, I tend to call it felting also. If you do it very gently, you can get something that is still...
I had a small one that didn't work well at all, but then got another (at Target) and it is awesome! I'll check the brand and post again. It was only about $5!
Yeah, they are out there
Hey, sometimes it's good to be nosey
I would just size up, and be very careful. You can do it in the washer, but it only takes about 5 minutes agitating, and then spin. It depends on your washer though. It's my biz, so I do it all the time. Just pm me if you need any tips
I know, there's lots sitting. Wish my dd wasn't pl'ing
I know what you mean. I use wool and fitteds, and it's not the greatest thing for pl. My dd does best with nothing on, but I've also made her some trainers with wool and some with pul There's a thread with a list of wahm's that make training pants.
Pm'd you
Hey Mama, Do you belong to Liberated Lounge? There is a list there. Here's a partial list: (Sorry no links, but most are on hyena cart). Deheart Designs (boxer briefs) Patchwork Pixie (boxer briefs and panties) Dunk-n-Fluff (boxer briefs and OV panties) Stitches Under the Sun (boxer briefs) DavinaWear on Knitteds&Fitteds (panties for kids and mamas) Precious Coverings (OV panties & trainers) Daisy Doodles (training panties & pul trainers) Sewing Mama's (Boxer...
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