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Congratulations!!! This is JUST what I need to hear! What a blessing!
That makes me feel much more optimistic. I just hate when people fill your mind with all the negative things And yes, it is better to have any chance than to have NO chance. I have registered with Adopt America Network, so hopefully that will cut back on some of the stress involved with our actual case worker. I will also request a copy of the homestudy myself. Thank you for the advice!
Hmmm, so it does seem to be that difficult to adopt out of state.... I guess I don't understand why. People adopt out of country all the time. I understand the sibling/family issue, but that is not the case in our situation.
Yes, actually, they did request our homestudy over 4 weeks ago. Our caseworker feels like it would be a waste of time. She has said that being from out of state we won't get considered.
I would definitely invest in music and other activities. I find that is my biggest expense. I buy a LOT of curriculums, books, manipulatives, etc....and I don't think I even come close to $5000.
Has anyone been successful with one? Our caseworker is very negative about adopting from out of state. We are willing to pay for any/all expenses involved in travel and such. We are looking to adopt an older child from a different state who we saw on a photolisting, but I'm feeling very hopeless after talking w/our caseworker. Any thoughts or suggestions?
I'm going to inquire whether we can start sending out our own homestudy. My fear is, if we get on her bad side, she is going to work with us even less. She started out wonderfully. We thought we clicked. She loved our family, told us she was willing to work as long as we did our part, etc...I've been contaced by 2 case workers today, asking if she had sent out our homestudy, as they never received it
Thank you for your response, Tigerchild. She told us numerous times she would be sending in our homestudy and upon receiving emails from the children's case workers, I learned she still had not. My husband talked to her after I did and she acted like she was hearing about sending in the home study for the first time. We are pretty clear on factors we will/will not accept(ie: no physical issues or sexual abuse). Emotional and learning delays we are open to. The children we...
We're having issues with our case worker....primarily, she does not want to send our homestudy when we inquire about children. We have found several children that met our criteria. We have asked if she could fax over our home study to the other caseworkers, who were expecting it. 2 weeks later and she has sent none. In talking to her, she has tried to discourage us against certain children(in other states). It seems she has an agenda of some sort, though I'm not sure...
Do foster families get word of perspective children quicker? Do most case workers generally have information on children as they become available? I guess I'm curious how people get their home studies in before the children are even photolisted? We are recently home study approved, so we are still learning...bear with me!!!
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