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Yes! I've seen all of the episodes (I think) and I really like the show. I think it's very well done
I think my main concern would be that being shirtless past baby age would potentially attract the attention of some pervert. Maybe I've watched too much TV. :/ Also, I only have a baby son (8 months) so I'm not really basing that on any experience. There are lots of creeps out there and I'd rather not bring any extra attention
My son is almost 8 months old, and usually sleeps fairly predictably. Goes to bed about an hour before us, and wakes up once or twice to eat in the night. No problem. My husband is a pilot and so he is sometimes gone overnight or for a couple of days. On nights when my husband is gone, my son wakes up no less than five times! At first we thought it was just a coincidence but we have made sure to pay attention to it and it is definitely related! Does anyone else have a...
I labored all over the house but I gave birth in a pool in our room. I moved to our bed shortly afterwards
I am interested in y'all's answers. I haven't directly been asked yet, but I have many close friends as well as many acquaintances that are 100% pro-vax. When well-visits and shots come up in conversation I am (so far) able to just slip out of the group, give vague answers, or change the subject. I don't want to lie to anyone but I don't want my baby growing up an outcast! And I don't want to harm my friendships over this either. They already think I'm a little strange...
What would it be? I really want a woven wrap, but I can only afford one. I'm looking to spend $100 or less and I don't mind buying one used. I want it to not be toooo hot since I live in TX. Gender-neutral colors. I'd like to be able to do some sort of carry on the side/hip that I can get my son in and out of easily (ring sling-style?) and also some sort of back carry. Is that even possible? The only wrap I've ever used is a Moby and I almost died of heat stroke So...
Sorry, mermaid cove. I've been wanting to buy a woven wrap but I don't know much about them/what to look for/what size, etc. A friend is selling this wrap: http://www.earthybliss.com/shop/earthy-bliss-products/limited-edition-baby-wraps/mermaid-cove-smoke-weft-cotton-baby-wrap in size 5. What kind of carries can you do with a size 5? Is this a good wrap? Thanks!
I'm in Midland, TX which is kind of close!
http://www.harmonyfamilyhealth.com/ Check this guy out. He is an MD but very supportive of natural treatments. I've been to him before and he could see your kids.
Hey mothers! My almost 6-month-old son is EBF, no pacifiers, no bottles, no solids, fed on demand, etc. I have friends that have had their first postpartum period at 8 weeks and some at 16 months (and everything in between.) I noticed a pretty good deal of EWCM the other day and I'm wondering (hoping not!) if it means that I ovulated. I have had a little bit of EWCM and little twinges at a few points since he's been born, but so far no period. (Yay!)    I have some...
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