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My friend's newborns had whooping cough when I was 37 weeks. It then went round the village in unvaccinated kids. I was mortified and made sure I got mine and DS was up to date! None of us got it, even though we were in contact with people who had it. SCARY!
2nd shots done. This time again, NO reactions whatsoever. Not even a bump on the legs. He is the happiest, smiliest little guy who is now giving us belly chuckles. Was a bit worried about the location of shots as I wear him a lot, so they gave them to him a little higher and more in the middle rather than the sides of the leg. He just flinched a little, gave a whimper, bf, went back in his sling and had a happy walk home, smiling in his new wrap and matching bandana!
Where I stay (Scotland), formula is free for people on benefits. So are fresh fruit and vegetables for breastfeeding mums.
I went to a pub and had an alcohol-free children's cocktail while breastfeeding. The LOOKS I got!!!   Will never do that again.
We can lie down to nurse in the day sometimes, however, it is so hard for me not to fall asleep when I do... But will do it more often.   Thanks for the link, that is EXACTLY what he is doing! He is actually a good sleeper at night, doesn't scream and goes right back to sleep, he just needs the calories.
First one is: he doesn't nurse well anymore when I sit. This is probably my fault as I nursed him in public and used a shawl, covered myself up as much as possible and he hated it. I am the only bf mama in my village, says my health visitor and am very shy to feed in public, but it is sometimes necessary when he has a growth spurt. Or I want to DO things. I hate being stuck in the house.   Second one is... since he now prefers nursing when I lie down with him, he nurses...
Hi there! You have been doing AMAZING! Without that determination of yours, it is likely, that your daughter wouldn't even be here now. It is completely understandable that you would want some good nights sleep just now.   It may be time to introduce a lovey, a wee object that she can hold on to and comfort herself with, like her favourite cuddly animal. Stick it in your bra (to make it smell like you and have her stroke it while you nurse), make sure she cuddles it,...
My baby only likes being worn when I am really active, like walking or doing housework. As soon as I sit, he wants out and flail his arms and legs and be held and talked to. He is three months and he talks a lot, lol. Just don't understand any of it yet.
My three-month-old has no thyroid. All his jags will be done inpatient. First load was done four weeks ago with NO reaction whatsoever. Unless you count "smiling more on cue" for the first time in the following hours a reaction. Next shots next week :)
That breastfeeding isn't good for babies, as you never know how much they take... (that was from a mum of a newborn)
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