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I'm pretty happy with the stuff we used this year(1st grade), so will continue with them with the 2nd grade versions. So we will have: History - Sotw- Medieval - using Mosaic Curriculum. They don't have curriculum for the 3rd book so I'm going to wing it then. I'm going to get a pass for the ren fest next spring and we'll dress up as different characters each week. Math- RightStart C Science - BFSU Writing - Writing with Ease Spelling - SWR Vietnamese - 2nd...
I vote not a persimmon. They usually have big stem caps that are hard when dried. And their seeds are usually bigger, darker and flatter.
If you don't mind video based stuff, my dd loves Liberty's Kids. It covers the American Revolution from the perspective of 3 teens who are reporters. Goes pretty well into the issues involved, one of the teens is British and looks at why were people unhappy with the King, etc. Touches a little on slavery, which is left unfinished at the end of the series - as it was left unfinished in real life!
I am on the back half of using the Mosaic 1 curriculum. She actually has another possible spine - A Little History of the World to replace SOTW. The problem with her curriculum is that the map vendor she recommended changed a lot of the maps, so there are a few maps that are no longer in the map set, and a bunch of maps dealing with Israel, and various other events in the Bible. I had a hard time finding the exact books, since I really didn't want to buy all the books,...
Think tropical fruits and heat tolerant veggies. Seasons are completely different for the produce you may be used to. Also depends on which island, and how far up, since there are micro climes and areas that are cooler. There are also import restrictions on plants/seeds into Hawaii. Check with the local county extension office. They should be the first place you look for local growing information. They might have a website too...   Bananas and Papaya are generally...
Have you grown peppers before? I read somewhere that if you grow sweet and hot peppers too closely, you will get all mixed, so your sweets will be hotter and the hots will be a little sweeter. I want to grow both too.
This is kind of late to be starting tomatoes and  berries. I live in a semi-tropical(Florida) location, and tomatoes are a fall-winter crop. Most of the ones you mentioned are probably going to bolt before you even get edible veggies. Where are you living? Think Peppers, okra, warm weather veggies. Also, you can look at www.kitazawaseed.com for some tropical veggies. I've had good experiences with the yard long beans.
Maybe the concern is geopolitical-economically based, in that the perception is that technology is the foundation of the future, and since technology is based on math, by being deficient in math, we(the US in general) lose out on the advantages of being "ahead" technologically. After all, some 20 or 30 countries have better math standings in international competitions.   I do think the word aptitude describes the difference between the way it is taught in the US and...
You could do what all the doctors are doing - scan them and store them on your computer or CD. Everyone in the health field is going to digital now.
There are other countries that only vax Measles but not Mumps or Rubella, so someone must still be manufacturing and selling monovalent vaccines.
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