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I went with the policy of needs must. Now ds is a bit bigger they play together. I wouldn't stress abut it too much. Obviously too much is not ideal but if you make sure you're getting one on one time and out door play she'll be fine.
When you have a compilation of ailments all solvable with breast milk
I would have had to have spoken to a senior doctor to request circ for my son - unless for religious reasons its really seen as very odd over here. I saw a circ man once and didn't know what wasnt right about his penis for ages. Just completely diff I guess
Who needs the label anyway - my whanau would describe me as crunchier than granola. My babysitter makes me look like pudding. One of the great things about leaving high school is that you can pick and choose from different philosophies what suits you best. From reading the posts that's exactly what everyone does - so why the label. Btw I vac the nz schedule which skips a lot of the us vaccines like chicken pox. Btw i wear jeans and a t shirt and proudly shampoo my hair...
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