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For me u would have to say two years it best because then your body is healed from the first pregnancy and in my mind it will be a good. for a gap to where they can still be in good relations with one another
Thank you I will look into getting that book and we are looking at getting married next summer after my partner graduates college. I believe that I am looking for at home options and it looks like we will have to be using a sperm bank. I do have an app for tracking and I have been for the last few months
Ready for her to be here. well now she is one i don't have legal custody yet of her but we know we want another baby n it will be my turn but we don't know how to get it started we live in Minnesot if that helps giving us advice
My partner n i are thinking about adding on to the family but we have no idea how to start it out. our first daughter has a father and was already in her mothers tummy before our relationship really turned serious. it made us grow up fast n get.
Hey just wanted to see if anyone has some ideas for names for parents to be called still trying to come up with ideas for have our baby to call us
Just had to say this but I have a little 7 month old who just joined the first tooth club lol she has seem to have been teething forever and now we have the proof of what she has been working on
this little girl and school and my fiance is on top of my list for things that come first and also hoping my family will be ok for being my bisexual self
They know about her baby and that we are always trying to hang out. i am going to be going to college I'm planning on becoming a nurse and my fiance is doing classes at the college that is close by to us and she is planning to become a lawyer in family law. we have things planned out it's just getting through this part so we can have the future that we want for ourselfs and our lil rose bud. she gets a lot of help from her family with watching rose so she can do her school...
There's so much to think about with my family and my fiance and rosaline and then there is school to think of on top of it. i am doing better in school then i ever have before but it's hard to keep track of things when you feel like your life is far away from you doing it's own thing any type of tips or words will be helpful i still have awhile to go yet before i graduate n turn 18 and don't have to worry as much about my family trying to end it
New Posts  All Forums: