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well I didn't think I'd need this now because my oldest reads fluently already but my 4 yr old has just started to want to learn to read and can recognize some letters and a few words. so this might just be the thing for her. They love computer games. Thanks for re-posting this.
Nothing says you can't have both. I'm more ecclectic in my approach, some things we structured (although not really scheduled) and other things are more unschoolish. For example we sit down and have an art lesson for shading and light, and then we just create. Or we'll play shopping for our math, read books for language arts, and then do some more stuctured science with experiments, etc. We start each week by naming one topic we each want to learn more about, and...
well My gifted daughters (not a term I use loosly) would have scored about 14 on that list - but many gifted people are overly sensitive - as am I. So mine have those traits as well as hundreds more. LOL I try not to do too many checklists these days or they'd fit into too many categories. And homeschooling has been wonderful for us. and they like to be in their pjs or in sundresses barefoot every day -
Well there are several online game sites that we go to on occasion www.nickjr.com and www.myscene.com both have fun games, some educational www.gamequarium.com and www.funschool.com have a variety of games, some good www.linkonlearning.com has a game of the month quiz on the human body (reading required). I'm sure there are many more, but those are the ones on the top of my head.
Well when my kids were younger they liked... Cranium Cariboo (a pre-reading matching game with shapes, numbers, and colours - it is cooperative and has doors to unlock, balls to find, and a treasure box to open) Bingo a musical game - cute but not very educational Fish and other card games Yatzee Jr with pictures to match and count Trouble and Snakes and Ladders both just follow the dice Now they are into Cranium Cadoo, Cranium Balloon Lagoon, Princess...
I've heard that comment too. too many times already. : I even had it from a friend of mine who said that she decided to put her youngest in daycare because the preschool was full and with her eldest in grade 1 she wanted to have her days to herself again. She then said "school is such a nice free babysitter". And then she wished me "good luck, because you will be needing it, and don't come crying to me for a break" I know not every mom with kids in school feels...
I just wanted to add that one of both my dd favorite things to do when 2, and still do - is making letter shapes with pipecleaners. They started doing this on their own, so I forget all the things they did to enhance their own learning. LOL
thanks for the link My dd loves doing art assignments - and seeing them done by kids in her "grade" is really helpful.
well I have a different opinion It sounds like your dc is already ahead of his peers. so you can either try to prevent him from learning anything for a few years to slow him down... LOL like that would even work! or you can mildly encourage his interests. you see I have 2 dd who for lack of a better term are gifted. And at 2 they both needed more stimulation than their friends the same age. I was not pushing, it was child-led. anyway - you might want to start...
Well after much research and thought - many personal discussions, my dh decided it was the best thing for us. (there are more considerations than just the surgical aspects after all). Here is the Dr my dh used, with a very informative site. http://www.pollockclinics.com/questions.html Good luck with the big decision.
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