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Strong-willed kids are awesome-- they're the ones who are going to change the world! I have to believe this because I have a couple myself, LOL! One thing that can be helpful whether your child is at home or in school is to do a little reading on temperaments, both your child's and your own. That has really helped me to understand my little ones and myself better. I really hear you on tending towards disorganization. That's something I struggle with as well. I recently...
Thanks (and hi Lauren!). We really love it here so far. Today we discovered the Happy Baby store and the AP Meet Up group.
We're new to the area and would love to meet up with other crunchy moms, homeschooling or otherwise. I'm also open to suggestions for family docs, pediatricians, etc. We're living right outside of Greentree. Thanks so much!
I was "allowed" (I hate that) to deliver in a regular room but they put me in the room closest to the operating suite. And I delivered both twins vaginally. I did get the epidural, but in retrospect that was a really good decision for me.
Oh dear, I remember those days (vaguely!) and like the others mama say, it does get better. Some of what you describe is just what happens with a second child. When you add another to the picture, there are just times when you have to triage needs. And with twins there are twice the daily issues to deal with. So, it might be helpful to know that even one to two can be hard adjustment for some mamas. I know it was really difficult for me. When my babies were born I was...
Holly, I was much in the same space, with an early childhood education/preschool teaching background and trying to reconcile it with Waldorf. I can't really give you an answer because my family looks different now, with big kids, a preschooler, and littles, but I will say that this is a season in your life to really get your rhythms and routines in place. I still use elements of the daily/weekly structure that I created back when my oldest was a baby... and he's now...
I have a bunch of circle time ideas here on my blog: http://ourseasonsofjoy.com/category/circle/ I like to have the same circle time for 2 weeks at a time.
I'm looking down taking the picture. They're both in football holds.
I know I am resurrecting a very old thread, but I wanted to share the story the hospital did on my family: http://www.susquehannahealth.org/get-involved/susquehanna-health-foundation-/mending-a-mother-s-heart/page.aspx?id=1384 Also, I removed some of the pictures on here, as they had been stolen and posted on one of those weird fake websites that steals content. And here are the babies at almost ten months old! Tandem nursing Talk like a pirate day
AP = attachment parenting.It and NFL (natural family living) is what this entire website is based on.
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