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National Day to Empower Teen Parents What? The National Day To Empower Teen Parents When? October 11th, and an ongoing zine/booklet distribution project Who? National Coalition to Empower Teen Parents members in roughly 100 American and Canadian cities are involved in this project. How? Send your mailing address to Allison@girlmom.com for a Coalition Packet. In this packet you will find a flat-copy of the EMPOWER! Young Mother's Guide to Success zine/booklet,...
from heathers: life sucks losers dry, if you wanna fuck with the eagles you have to learn to fly
i'm going solo! flying all the way from edmonton canada! i'm soooo excited! taking ayun and ariels' worshops and volunteering too!
sooo is lisa dead??
this is the greatest show! i love it even more now that lisa and nate are extended nursing and co-sleeping! yeah!!!!
i am very very aracnophobic. so when we got a spider nest in our bedroom i called the exterminator. i told him dd was 3 months and i was nursing. he said for us to stay way for 48 hours and then have someone do a thourough vacuum before returning.we were fine and no more spiders. so ask what they spray, but if it is neccessay, do it!
i was going to teach her vagina, but my ssister (dd aunt) beat me to it, so dd has a hoohoo. however she is obsessed with penis's always asking where her's is. and told me the other day "mommy i want a peedas"
my dd is 22 months old. she was only nursing 3 times a day (and too many times at night) so whne we started to attempt night weaning she flipped out. she will not night wean for every method i've tried doesn't work. she also wants to nurse 20+ times a day. up to 5-6 times an hour even if for only 1 minute. i'm getting very frustrated, staying busy doens't work she just finds me and tells me "bees couch, bees couch". she has a melt down if i tell her to wait a minute...
when my husband was on x-mas break from univesity i figured it would be a good time to night wean our almost 2 year old dd. i am so exhauted, she consistently wakes up every 4 hours every single night. we tried having dh rock her back to sleep whne she woke up at midnight. she simply moved her wake up to 1 am. then for a few eeks she slept till 3, at which time i nurse her. i am only trying to get her to cut out one feeding not going for the whole enchilada. i just want...
wow i thought i was alone on this one. waking every 0-45 minutes during her one 90 min nap! it's been much better lately, but i have no solution to tis one. just nurse her back down.
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