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Awesome Rosie! It's so nice when you know you've done what you can. Now you get to hear up for the dreaded waiting game. I am honestly going crazy today... I think I've turned I to an insane person lol. My mood swings are killing me, I've had the worst gas pains and non stop going to the bathroom, and I've had pretty strong cramps on one side all day. I am super exhausted. I hope my body isn't just messing with me and then I see my temps rising the next couple of days.
Good luck Rosie! 9dpo today and my temp is still so flat. I know it's technically elevated but I don't have a lot of hope because last month my temps were higher. I've been super sick to my stomach this morning so I'm crossing my fingers it's due to hormonal shifts related to implantation lol. Either way I'm not in a rush to test.
Welcome deserae. I am also in the tww with AF due on the 23rd. Hopefully we will both have sticky babies this month. I try not to make anything of symptoms because they don't seem to be that reliable. This time I've actually mostly had none... Besides the same old fatigue and cramping.
Your story is fascinating. I can't imagine what you guys have gone through. You talking about schooling makes me want to go back and get my masters.. if only I could find a way to avoid debt while doing it lol.  It is shocking. I feel like (At least for me) i was raised to believe that miscarriages were extremely rare so I just believed that I would be healthy, get pregnant as soon as the birth control stopped, and have no complications. So far it has been far from that...
You don't think the slow rise from the sharp drop is a bad sign? Sorry ladies I know I am being neurotic. I am in no way asking for confirmation or pregnancy or not just worried about hormone levels at this point.
http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/498586 Sorry it was in my signature but you might be on a device too.
Would anyone who is good at charts mind checking mine out and letting me know what you think? It's so different from last month and it's depressing me. I don't feel too hopeful this month. I will try to come back and do personals later.. I have been swamped but as always I have been following along.
Hearing my parents jokingly say that their kids are failing them at having grand children was like a knife in my stomach. I'm starting to wonder if there is any benefit to being around my family. I really hope this is our month but I'm terrified to get my hopes up too much. Now I am in the insanity phase known as the two week window. At least I'm almost half way there.
I had mirena for only two months because I wouldn't stop having breakthrough bleeding. Unfortunately doctors don't seem to want to do any testing ( even basic) until you go through a devastating loss two or three times. I'm crossing my fingers that my chemical was just bad luck. For those who are more familiar with charts: is an implantation dip at 5 DPO unrealistic?
Congrats apeydef, that is a gorgeous line!
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