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@harmony96 Oh no! I can honestly say I haven't really ever peed myself while throwing up while pregnant. I have however gotten sick to the point I was sitting on the toilet to tinkle and vomit at the same time. Definitely no fun! AFM, I got my pregnancy confirmed by the health dpt today. And just got something to eat and am SERIOUSLY regretting it! I feel SOOOO sick right now. Ginger ale here I come!
@anna1979 Thanks. I guess I can be moved BFP for April now... I went to the health dept to get my pregnancy confirmed so I can get my insurance straightened out and my OB appt set. The lines today were even DARKER and nearly showed up immediately even after I'd gone pee twice! Lol! Really praying all you ladies get a super sticky BFP soon!
Yeah, I've heard that about MS. Also about having acne outbreaks. When I was pregnant with DS I had NO acne and this time I am breaking out every few days! It's not bad like horrible ugly pimples everywhere on my face but the few I am getting are the DEEP PAINFUL ones... Here's to crossing my fingers! Haha!
I had peachcareforkids for my son. I know they send out notices of vaccines being due but as far as them being required I am not sure. You can definitely call them to find out for sure.
I sure hope there's a connection! LOL!!! I'm already out numbered! SO has 3 boys and 1 girl! I would love to have a girl of my own that my DS could be protector over. I know that's exactly how he would act because of how he acted towards one particular girl in pre-k.Honestly, I will be happy either way as long as the baby is healthy. 😍
Well, I didn't have it this bad with my son.., oddly enough I could tell when it was coming. Now it's never ending it seems. Ughh
@EdenAurora Thanks. Praying for you 😊 @rosie2727 Today was 14DPO. AF was due to rear her ugly head today but didn't. Lol! I figured she wouldn't but wanted the reassurance anyways. I've been so sick all day and the last few days with all day sickness not morning sickness. Haha! Still praying for you to get your sticky baby soon.
Thanks on the lines... Ginger ale is my life saver... I'm sipping some as I type because I started feeling super sick again... 😣 I was NEVER this sick with DS...
Morning sickness? What's that?!?! I have "MOST OF THE DAY SICKNESS!! I wake up feeling like I am going to hurl and sip ginger ale... Then I get up and try to do stuff and get hungry so I eat something then feel like total butt again and am back to the ginger ale. Hahaha! Be glad when this part is over! I took another test today to confirm because of how early I took my other tests and here was the results...
@Kita4 I did test again today... And twins for me... I don't know what I would do! Lol!That's horrible of the doctor to act that way! Especially on a first time meeting you! I hope things go differently the next time you see him or another dr in that practice.AFM: here are my results... I have a good feeling this one will stick.
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