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I lurk a lot but I am still here. Just don't have much to say since for once things are relatively smooth sailing!
I really think it will be okay to have the extra ultrasound if you want it, but I agree that those 3d ones look creepy. At my genetic screen, the tech printed me a 3d shot and it was weird. I'm just going to tell them to pass on the 3d printouts at my anatomy scan.
I am RH- and my son is RH+.  I encapsulated his placenta and it did wonderfully for me.  I still get RhoGam though.  Not taking my chances.  
For toddler carries, I love love love our ergo.
I had mine encapsulated with my first, and I really think it helped replenish my iron stores and boost milk production. I still got PPD in the second half of ds's first year, so I'm not sure it helped much there. If you are interested, the mama natural blog/vlog has a great recent segment on placenta encapsulation with her second baby. I will either encapsulate again or have a tree ceremony. I just can't imagine it going into a biohazard bin!
I think when we are pregnant we have to take care of us too. I just tell myself that I did a great job listening to him and following his lead on nursing. He just cut way back after he night weaned, and I can't say I hate having a little more freedom. It is something so special and unique to us, though, that I am sad to see it go.
We loved our Moby with our first, buy we are trying a sling this time around
Just wanted to say I'm right there with ya, tho I started abx yesterday. Went into the doc for something else entirely and they caught it on my urine screen. Not excited for the upcoming yeast infection or the GI side effects listed on the side of the bottle, but also not interested in it getting any worse, either. Stocking up on yogurt and crossing my fingers.
I agree. That baby will still be beautiful and fun, no matter what it is!
Thanks for your stories and support. My ds has always been a heavy nurser, so this is an adjustment. I guess we will have to wait and see what he does as things get farther along.
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