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I’m looking for advice and suggestions for possibly using disposables on vacation.   My daughter is presently in cloth, and I’m looking for alternatives on vacation. We used disposables (cruisers) in the past, but had to switch to cloth when the cruisers began to leak almost every time she peed. Since the switch, she’s in toddler 8-layer prefolds with a large flat inside as a booster, and that combo has been working quite well, so I’m not interested in switching. I just...
When my potty training attempt with my daughter failed miserably, and I couldn't go back to disposables because she'd pee so fast that the disposables would leak out before they could absorb the flood, I had no choice except to experiment with cloth. Because she had just turned 3 and was about 32 lbs, I wanted something that be as economical as possible and easy to care for. Iended up with a combination of large toddler prefolds and large flats, which I pin on. Most...
Hi, everyone. I'm Kathy, from eastern NY State, and have a 45-month-old daughter who is resisting all potty training attempts. I joined the group primarily for support, as well as maybe to get soem constructive advice.
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