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Island life sounds so peaceful Sunfish75.  I always wish I lived near the ocean and could swim all of the time.  We have a 30 acres farm in the Midwest about 30 minutes from any towns.  It is very peaceful, but sometimes a bit lonely since most people don't care to drive 30 minutes to visit.
I just took it whenever I felt heartburn and indigestion.  I usually took some at night before bed.  Also, I slept propped up to help the indigestion.
I had so much of this at the end last time.  Two things that were helpful for me were sucking on mints and a small shot of Raw Apple Cider Vinegar.  Good luck, that is no fun.
I had terrible sensitive teeth after pregnancy.  One of the things that helped me was to use a gentler toothbrush.  I found that I had been brushing so hard and often I was wearing down the enamel.  I tried some supplements without much improvement.
I use the FAM methods described in Taking Charge of Your Fertility.  I really enjoyed it and it worked very well.  I started to get really good at and sort of stopped keeping track and now we are having baby #2.  I would do it again after this baby because it was so effective and I loved being in tune with my body.
My sister and I both had many chronic ear infections growing up.  Fortunately, tubes were helpful in my case.  For my sister, she had her tonsils and adenoids removed.  A specialist realized she had fluid collecting in her ear and suggested surgery.  She still was getting many ear infections and had some reconstructive surgery in her ear.  She saw an ear, nose and throat specialist.  Now, she rarely gets ear infections but still occasionally does at 22. An ear, nose and...
Yesterday:   Breakfast:  Homemade English Muffins with homemade strawberry cream cheese Snack:  a bit of greek yogurt and strawberries lunch:  Chipotle Mexican Roast with Asian Veggies Afternoon snack:  handful cashews Dinner:  Baked chicken fingers with sweet potato wedges.
Since we are expecting #2, I am looking into some less expensive daycare options.  In our area, home daycares are about half the price.  I am sort of concerned about all of the ages being mixed together and the lack of structure.  Also, would it be necessary to send my children to a separate preschool at a later time?  Did anyone use a home daycare and love it?  How are your kids in school now?
Yesterday... Breakfast:  Greek Yogurt with strawberries and bananas Lunch:  Tuna salad sandwich (I also packed veggies but couldn't force myself to eat them) Dinner:  Chipotle Roast, Rice, Brussels Sprouts and Avocado Dessert:  Creme Brulee     Today: Breakfast:  Smoothie and cereal Lunch:  Grilled Cheese and hopefully yesterday's veggies Dinner:  No idea
My midwife found the heartbeat at 10 weeks.  It was 180 BPM, which she said was normal.  I am so relieved! 
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