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I hope that the bleeding stops.  Typically the vaginal ultrasounds can cause "stress" that will make you bleed a little.  Though usually the doctors will be smart enough to say something.  Two of those in a day would most definitely cause it.  Fingers crossed for you, love.
She told us to ignore the doctor and find a new one. Went on about how she smoked pot while pregnant with her daughter, ate red meat and fish, what pills she took, how my doctor must be fresh out of med school, etc etc. It's awful when your blood family can't listen just once, but the adopted family is all ears. I'll never understand.
I'm not using it. She's pretty much gone total b*tch mode. Especially since the baby will stop us from flying out to her wedding. She has no common sense. When she saw my list of restrictions from the doctor, she almost tore it up. So she is not welcome for a while.
My sister mailed me a package for of two sets of the Proactiv Solution stuff.  I would've preferred a box full of gas-x.  This is the same sister who thinks what my doctor is saying is nonsense, thinks I should be back on my anxiety medication (even though it's not good for the baby), and that I should be allowed to smoke pot during my pregnancy.  I don't in general.  I'm not 15 anymore.  Today is one of those days I'm thankful she lives in Virginia and I'm in CT...
I've had the bad gas. But it's finally slowing down. Now I'm just constantly peeing, struggling to keep food down, craving things, and sleeping 14 hours a day.
My date is correct. Though if you don't count the first two weeks like the doctors do, I'm thinking we might be December.
That's nothing to freak out over.  Symptoms slow down and go MIA, then come back and sometimes worse.  It's an annoying game that pregnancy plays.  I've called my OB about the same thing daily.  Did you schedule your first US yet?  That usually helps put the mind at ease.
I'm a temp. So my work is 8-12 weeks at a time. He wants me to just relax and "take it easy." I don't know what that means but okay. My temp agency isn't happy but they have his letter.
I've been making meatloaf for a week now. And homemade chicken noodle soup. Opps.DH is trying to put his big boy pants on, but it's taking a little longer then expected. Next time he even says a thing, I'm just letting the waterworks go.
His excuse is that I've been too sick to make him breakfast and lunch for work, and he's too lazy.  On top of that, some of the food I thought he cooked was delivery/take-out.  He stole one from my playbook.
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