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And, I am sorry, but what is OP? I am not a regular on forums and some abbreviations are a mystery.
I agree, sometime it is. I am not so sure about the foster care. My dad grew up in one and he ended up becoming a good, hardworking person he earned everything we had as a family on his own together with mom. However, he mentioned that it was hard being there. Not many of the "graduates" of foster care came to have a family and life as I saw it with dad. And it was back then. 
Talking about foster care meant that the kids are separated from parents.
I think you focused too much on the position of the family in the community rather on the raised concern. The point was that the mother puts children in front of anything, and, yes, made a mistake that could cost everything she was living for. But, hey, maybe there are people who do not make mistakes.  Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
If it were a foolish mistake and you are the one who stands on "calling the police" think of this before you take actions. My sister went to a kid store as her son was crying for some toy and they were in the area of the son favorite store. My sis made a decision to go to the store and leave her daughter in the car as she was sleeping. She parked 60 feet away and could see the car from the store. Some "nice" woman called the police. My sis was not arrested as I am sure...
Wow, I was crying as I was reading replies. I just do not understand how calling the police will help the situation rather then satisfying someones need for not sure even what.
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