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I'm here too! I check every couple of days and also didn't know there was a Facebook group....I feel that some of the threads just don't apply to me and when I have a question/comment I create a new one....I do agree it'd be nice to see more new topics/threads coming up more often here.
I agree with PinkMilk - everybody responds differently to being pregnant, there is no way you can/could predict what your body would do even though you exercise and eat well. My suggestion is focus on the good nutrients you're giving your baby by eating paleo most of the time, lots of fruits and veggies. That will make a big impact - you're already doing something great for your child!! Keep up the exercise routine so you keep doing something great for yourself (and some...
Hi ladies,   I just moved to San Antonio, TX 4 days ago and can't wait to explore the town! I'm 6 months pregnant now and looking for a new OB...   Besides that, I'd like suggestions on baby clothes swaps or consignment stores, as well as maternity clothes consignment stores. I know very little about the town and don't have friends here yet, so I'd love any recommendations!!   Thanks a bunch!
Hi ladies,   I'm traveling to visit my family over the holidays and I'll be a total of 13 hours one way inside an airplane. I'll be 5.5 months pregnant by then. I'm traveling coach class (I booked the flight before I got pregnant...). I'm trying to upgrade to business but no luck so far...   I was wondering if any of you have traveled for that long while pregnant and if you have any tips and advice on what to wear and what to do in the airplane to stay comfortable. My...
Thank you ladies! I'll keep most of them. I've been going through and getting rid of some I hadn't worn in months,so it'll be a smaller pile when I move. I think it was just frustrated for not fitting into my usual outfits and feeling like I had nothing to wear, coupled with the move, that made me want to get rid of it all! 
Check out this lady's website. She just had a baby and she crochets the cuttest/funnest hats! https://www.facebook.com/KalisKreations
I'm moving to San Antonio in January...I'm not familiar with Texas so I don't know how far apart these two towns are.....Just wanted to say hi!
Hi ladies,   I'm very torn about what to do with my pre-pregnancy tops and jeans. I don't fit in them anymore and feel silly saving them for a while year until - maybe - I'll fit in them again. On top of that I'm moving in 1.5 month and my urge is to just get rid of it all. At the same time, I don't have the money to buy a whole new wardrobe after baby.   BTDT moms: any advice, suggestions, recommendations, personal experience???
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