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I'm sooo excited because I finally found an acupuncturist that will take my insurance AND I think I found a chiro as well. I start acupunture on Sept. 5th but am still waiting to hear back from the chiropractor. My pelvis is already starting to really bother me, and I really feel like my pelvis issues contributed to my loooong labor and subsequent repeat cesarean, so I have very high hopes that this will help me avoid the same fate :)
Hmm, That's a good question, I don't know! I'll have to check into it but I'm glad you mentioned it because I never even thought about having to get fitted!
Thanks for sharing that site! They look great :) I LOVE that you can order teapot-size teabags!
My MW just gave me my birth kit list....I was like  Is it reeeaaally that time already? Oh I am SO not ready!   I am trying for an HBA2C and, having never had a vaginal birth thus far (and my last birth was a rcs after "failed" HB); I've been pretty lackluster about the whole thing honestly. I just haven't really been able to believe that I may be able to do this...I guess I've been rather disillusioned and maybe even a bit angry at my body. Anyway, the GOOD news is...
Each pregnancy, I buy all the herbs to make a pregnancy tea ala the previous poster (love Susan Weed), but end up being too lazy to make it lol. I'm just going to buy the pre bagged version by Traditional Medicinals and call it a day. I love RRL, it's yummy!
I'm looking for any feedback/recommendations/experiences etc on pregnancy support belts...I really want to try one this time, in hopes that I can avoid some of the horrid pelvic pain I had last time around...I also read that it can be helpful for fetal positioning.   I looked on Amazon but it seems like there are many different kinds, and I feel lost! I'd love to hear some recommendations and personal experiences.   Thanks ladies!
I'm in Oregon also! Salem though :) There are some awesome midwives here!
Oh man, not even close...I haven't even gotten so far as to figure out what I am even doing in that regard . My DD has just started sleeping in her little toddler bed, which is still in our room ( and will continue to be, as we don't have another room for her, so...). We co-slept with her and I loved it but truth be told, I am having a lot of neck/back issues from sleeping in such weird and tense positions for so long. We have a queen size bed and hubby and I really...
I'd really really love to have a doula this time around. At my last birth (attempted HBAC, ended in hospital transfer and repeat c/s), my midwives were trying to help me get my labor progressing and we all really thought it was a position issue, so they called this local doula who is really experienced in rebozo techniques. She came (with no charge) and spent a couple hours trying to help me. I felt so supported while she was there. She was an older woman and just a...
 Oh my gosh, you are so accomplished! Haha. I have done absolutely nothing in preparation for any of this baby business, unless you count worrying. lol. I'll probably do everything in the last month of pregnancy, that's how I usually roll    It's been a crazy week! I'm in physical therapy for this shoulder issue I have that came from no where, and I'm having trouble finding the time to do my little 5 minute PT exercises. I'm so bad at that kind of stuff! I also had a bit...
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