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To tell you the truth, I'm not sure I was cut out to have kids in the first place. I love and adore my children, but sometimes I just don't think I should have procreated lol.   I want another GIRL, but that is a risky game, eh? I have one DS who will be 9 tomorrow, and he is a sweet boy but has ADHD and it has been extremely trying for me. Truth be told, I don't feel like I'm the best parent to him and therefore have no business having any more. I have a DD who is...
I've been having oatmeal every morning with 1/2 a mashed banana, some fruit and sometimes nuts (I make KILLER oatmeal if I do say so myself lol! My favorite is my maple banana pecan which tastes like banana bread, today I'm doing a pumpkin pie inspired one) with a splash of milk, a scoop of almond butter, and a couple teaspoons of agave....I guess I'll have to switch to eggs lol! 
I'm not planning on doing the test (My HB midwife is very pro informed choice and has informed choice agreements for each test and you basically choose which tests are right for you. I opt out of almost all of them except we did do a US this time and I plan on doing GBS and once baby is born we will do the PKU) but my eating has been terrible this pregnancy....seriously terrible. I've been thinking about trying to do the diet just for good measure since it will get me...
Ok guys, we just moved and then went on vacation and I have been without regular internet for awhile...anyway we ended up finding out the sex even though we weren't planning on it...it's a BOY! I have to admit it's taking me awhile to come around, I really had a girl vibe. But we did decide on a name: Jude Wesson. 
I was just barely 21 when I had my first (got married at 18...). Then had a looong break before having my second at 28. Just turned 30 and this will be my third, and last.
Never met a Genievieve or an Evelyn! I think maybe it depends on what part of the country you live in. I've noticed that there seem to be more of certain names in certain areas. For instance, I'm originally from San Diego and there are lots of Ryleys. Carleys, Kaylies, etc. Now that I am in Oregon I hear those less and there are more Jades, Elianas, Fionas....that kind of thing. At any rate I like Evelyn and you there is lots of good nickname potential there :)   We...
Ugh SO frustrating!!! I am a VBA2C hopeful as well and I'm so sorry you are dealing with this kind of non-evidence based >bleeeeeep
  I'm sooo jealous! I really hope I feel more like you do soon! I know I would feel better if I could eat healthier. I'm so glad you are feeling better though :)
I know, right? What is it about ice cream anyway? Sometimes it actually seems to make me feel better. I know it's not the milk because when I have regular milk in cereal or something, it gives me heartburn  Gah, what I wouldn't give to be one of those women who craves spinach.
I'm still feeling pretty crappy...nauseous all day on and off and heartburn the rest of the time. I'm having trouble being able to drink water (makes me nauseous) but juice or carbonated beverages give me heartburn. All I really want is stuff thats bad for me...sugary baked goods, ice cream/popsicles, processed carbs etc. I'm completely repulsed by any kind of meat and I hate most beans/legumes even when not pregnant so getting enough protein is a problem. I also have...
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