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I'm so miserable I'm considering trying the unisom/b6 combo that I've heard has worked for others, but I was wondering if anyone has any firsthand experience with it. If so, I'd love to know if it worked for you and if so, how long after you started taking it did you begin to get relief? I've heard lots of people say they take it at night but have also heard that people sometimes take it in the morning or in smaller doses several times throughout the day, any reason that...
I work FT as well. I've taken a few days off but I'm utterly miserable the rest of the time. Can't afford to ask for a reduced schedule and doubt it would fly anyway. No advice lol but I feel your pain.
I know I'm late on this thread but I'm 9w1d today and I.want.to.die....ugh I just feel utterly miserable. I have so much going on right now that I have to deal with at work and even at home and I just want to crawl under the covers and cry and/or sleep. For those of you who are further along, when did it start getting better? This baby is totally different than my other two so far.
Not me, I'm too fat LOL. But I feel super uncomfortable in all my clothes and can't stand anything tight around my waist. I think under all my fluff there may be a little extra pooch  This is my third baby and it's not like I have abs or anything, so it's feasible that it's poking out under there!
Ugh...rough subject for me. I have a lot of weight to lose and this pregnancy was sooo unexpected. I was in a good groove of losing but still had a good 50lbs to go to get to goal. I've gained 60+ lbs with both of my previous pregnancies and I just hope to god I can keep it to like 20lbs this pregnancy. I'm like 8w4d right now and am up 1-2 lbs already (fluctuating) so I can't say it's going swimmingly at this point 
I just want bread and pasta pretty much...I actually had a bit of a fantasy today about going to the store where they have hot fresh french bread at 4pm and buying a loaf and just eating the whole thing with butter lol. I did not indulge but I can't stop thinking about it so no promises :P  
I'm still figuring it out but we will probably try for a homebirth again. With DS (almost 9 years ago now), I went to an out of hospital birth center but in my 40th week they risked me out for blood pressure and I gave in to pressure from my backup OB to have a cesarean. After his birth, I ended up becoming a doula and really wanted to become a midwife (still do, someday) and after all my research and experience, I knew I would have a HB if I ever had another baby. Fast...
Happened to me during my last pregnancy as well. It's probably fine if it is not bright red. Hope it subsides quickly so you can put your mind at ease :)
Thank you mamas, I so appreciate the kind words    I think today is better so far...there is still so much to think about but I'm trying to push that out of my mind and just let it mellow for a week or two for now. I'm still having a hard time believing it....I even bought more tests to pee on haha. They were all very ++++ by the way, lol.
I think I'm November 13. I used to have long cycles but this BFP was after my very first period since having my daughter in Oct. 2010. I'm just using the standard EDD calculation since I don't really know :)
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