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oooh, I am probably way too late but if you have any additional leftovers, I need them!!! Really Really bad! I will be your bestest bestest friend
Ya! Good for you, congrats! I hope to be posting something like this in the spring (minus the peeing-on-the-foot incident, of course ) I'm curious, what school are you attending? Congrats again! Marilyn
YES YES YES!!!! I am so excited!. I live in San Diego, so Aneheim is not that far from me which is great. Marilyn
4 cm dilated means she is in labor She may not be moaning and groaning in active labor but her body is progressing to that end! It's doing it's job!
Quote: I'm not sure if that was directed to me, but turning my son wasn't really an option, as nobody knew he was breech until I was basically in transition labour. He was frank breech, though...my daughter was a footling. Oh, sorry I didn't mean anything in particular by that, I was referring to the fact that breech doesn't always mean C-section, there are alot of factors to consider, of course there are always exceptions. I was just generalizing,...
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