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I have been told by babywearing educators that structured carriers (ethos mei-tais) should be used once LO can sit up by self. It may be that your LO doesn't feel as supported and that is why the straightening etc.  good luck
Great Monica I am looking forward to delving into the great group. Adventures await
And have been with him since his birth. I heard about mothering in book "beyond the sling"
Posted a response not sure if it is in a different thread. My name is Melissa. Mother to David 1 week shy of 9 months and wife to Kevin for almost 7 years. I am extremely passionate about my new role as a mother and practice attachment parenting as best as I can . We adopted David Qn
Hello. New to mothering forum. I am interested in any books you all would recommend for gentle disciplining techniques. My LO is a week shy of 9 months. And of course does nothing wrong YET lol! TIA
Does a little dance Good grief !!
Congratulations. Beautiful baby. Babywearing is an art but well worth the effort. I was fortunate to find a local babywearing group on meetup.com. My husband and I had an educator meet us before we were matched with our little one to teach some basic carries. Babywearing has saved us.... David wad 4 weeks early and needed extra TLC. We still babywear. ( he will be 9 month this Saturday). When I get ready to wrap with one of my wovens, David smiles really big and dies a...
My name is Melissa. I am a very proud mother to David Liam almost 9 months and loving wife to Kevin (married almost 7 years). Without realizing it, I have been practicing attachment parenting lol. I am 40 and we adopted David at birth after a two year wait. We babywear, co- bed and love being parents to David. Recently I read "Beyond the Sling" which recommended this website. I am looking for a community of like minded mothers. I am a confident woman who is very...
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