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depends on if the baby is only breastfed and how old they are...also depends on the babys personality. In my experience there is no black or white answer when it comes to kids!
Honestly I'm all for the photos and none of them bothered me. Now... I am not laid back about everything. There just wasn't anything specific in those pictures that aggravated me. there are certain things that bother me. For example if I saw I am a single mom or dad and I introduce man after man/ woman after woman to my child I would be fully judging them. But this is only because I see what it does to my own.   Judging in my opinion is natural BUT being openly mean...
All of the grandparents are two or more hours away so they talk over the phone majority of the time
I totally get the older kid thing actually. My mom was an amazing mom when I was a teenager and through my ages now...when I was a child not so much.
In my opinion....you can't force it and your mother is who she is. This is a part of her personality and she feels like she shouldn't have to change it seems. And most likely at her age she won't change. It's sad since grandparents are an amazing thing to have! But kids shouldn't have to deal with negativity like that. Since I assume you have had the sit down chat with her mean behavior somethings gotta give....with you being the parent it's up to you to do something since...
I have met mom friends from just going to the library, going to home schooling funtions, and moms groups. I am apart of homeschooling group. And then I am apart of a MOMs club. This is their website http://www.momsclub.org/  their facebook  https://www.facebook.com/InternationalMOMSClub   And then you could always create a group or join groups on meetup. How I do it is I have an interest then go to groups based on that interest
Ohhh I have my own to add. Now I don't know how true this is and it's not even necessarily JUST for home birth but you know how we ladies sync up? Apparently if another woman in the house has her period it may affect labor starting. Again not sure how true this is but on a scientific view it's awesome to think about! (And certainly something I wish I knew before my mom in law and sis in law flew in....)
This was such a fun and educating read. Took notes on all 18 pages. You ladies are awesome!
Not necessarily but remember...each of your pregnancies can be different from the previous one. For me I felt symptoms all around the same time...but with my second pregnancy I would randomly feel nauseous, with my first and third it was only in the first trimester. With my third pregnancy my boobs hurt like crazy but not at all with my 1st and 2nd etc.   The only one guarantee I have come across is that there is none when it comes to pregnancy :)
I am so sorry your own mom treats you that way. That is horrible. I really can't wrap my mind around her not knowing she is in the wrong then again most are blind to their own actions but yet are quick to call out others. In my experience the only way to deal with toxic individuals is to kick them out of your life. Most will not change and most don't even realize they have a problem!   I agree with you questioning about having her at the birth. I would not do it.
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