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In my opinion kids need to deal with emotions but the only way to do that is have them in the first place. I wish I had info but I don't. 
We personally eat every meal together but I won't be an asshole and tell you that it's terrible parenting that you don't. How rude and judgy of them.
yay that's awesome...good luck!
You were there for a witnessed abuse. I would also call for an investigation. Dragging a child by their hair? Abuse. A child smelling like pee and looking dirty? Neglect. Your father doesn't deserve these kids anymore then she does. You legally have something here. It's not just a "gut feeling". You have seen it first hand. Use it.
It's not about being over protective. It's about expecting an 8 year old to lie to her parents and not respecting the parents wishes. That is not okay. If I were you I would stop letting them spend alone time together and tell MIL why.
Keep this in mind...he is two and you can't expect him to truly mean his apologies or even follow through on things. Even if your others were easy toddlers. This is why parenting is always a learning thing because when you think you have it down something makes you think nope..not so much. He doesn't fully grasp it all and he certainly doesn't understand his attitude is causing this much stress. At this stage it's all about redirecting, time outs, and being consistent on...
(I will laugh if I see any clicks on the "Well MY toddler would never...")   Nope. I couldn't. I just wouldn't feel safe. Luckily I have yet to be put in that situation and hope to never be but there are just certain things you have to look out for
That is when that state has jurisdiction. Right now it doesn't so yep...you would have to go back to the original state. Talk to the lawyer about switching it. I was able to switch jurisdiction to CT from MA once we lived here for over 6 months. But this depends on the state.
Ohh I did this last year and completed every single goal and have been able to change some MAJOR habits. These are the ones I completed last year.   Develop my own style.  Be more open minded to certain pieces Organize my closet and start building a new wardrobe. STOP buying things based on "everyone" else has it or it fits in with what is in style. Do not buy things that don't look perfect on me. If it doesn't fit then send it back and get my money back and spend on...
I can't say I agree in letting him disappear. Here is what sucks in the situation. IF the courts do get involved they will ask if you try to keep them connected. It will look bad on you if you don't so it's better to keep your own butt covered just in case. The only reason why I try and keep a relationship going with my son and ex is because of the courts. 
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