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You mention your friends and moms opinion.....but not your husbands. His is what matters
weed not week...
She needs to do some yoga/meditate/workout/something else. There are other ways to release stress. It sucks I'm sure but no one NEEDS to smoke week or drink to release stress and if you do feel the need then in my opinion there is something deeper going on and your not solving anything.
First off it takes two people to have sex. How has he not figured that one out? He claims he loves you but reality is you don't speak that way to people you love. Instead you sit down and have an adult conversation and think of what you need to do together as a couple. If I were you I would break up with him. Speaking from experience to me that is the only way you can make this pregnancy a happy one.
I will be 34 weeks tomorrow and...my god I am stressed. I need to knock it off. Not stressed about the baby but just other things.
How is your own intake of water and food?
They don't have any actual set days so technically he could take him when he wants. He isn't stealing him. On an emotional side of things..yes that is messed up. But the guy knows his rights and seems like he will make it known to exercise them. My only idea is she tells him that he at least should tell her before hand
Why can't she still see him? Is visiting him while he is away not an option? What about letters and phone calls?
So mellow and so fun!
I want you to think long and hard about this....you cannot change your fiances parenting ways. He has to want to change them. If he doesn't want to and his little angel can do no wrong you will be married into that. If I were you I would not marry him until he changes this
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