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Mrsgail - semi reclined is never safe for sleeping, as baby can go chin to chest and get a collapsed airway.always use a flat surface or babywearing for long sleeps (babywearing you are alert and close and can monitor airway). Bouncers are fine for awake periods where you can closely monitor breathing. But my kids would not tolerate sitting in a chair and would way rather be in arms or worn. If I need to have baby down during an alert period, I prefer using play arches...
Is baby super low? I have a theory, unsubstantiated, that my placenta is at the top this time and that is why I feel nothing in the rib but baby is constantly tickling my pubic bone. My last baby I has anterior placenta and she was much higher. This baby they told me during the early ultrasounds where my placenta is but all I remember is not anterior this time. But it would make so much sense if it was topside because I feel all my movements around bellybutton height or...
We don't use peds here (also in CDA) unless baby has specialized medical issues. I go to a family doctor and health nurses for shots. I really like my family doc, but he is the type that doesn't give parenting advice. I go to him for medical issues and he provides advise or referrals on those medical issues. Health nurses are pretty easy to manage, just don't give them information you don't want to discuss, answer the question in an honest but evasive way (eg where does...
I'm due six weeks today. I'm crampy, tired, my hip hurts all the time, baby is so low it tickles my pubic bone, and to top it all off my seasonal allergies started. I get wicked allergies, and for some reason today I was hugely grumpy today when midwife suggested neti pot. I already netipot, I need antihistamine!! Its not all grumps, look lots of good stuff too, like how my kids run up to hug the baby and give my belly lovely cuddles.
Last baby I walked around diliated for weeks. I was three cm a week before the real show started. So you never know :-)
I wouldn't anything that loops over the head like that. It can slip out of place and push baby's head forward chin to chest. you don't want anything that goes over or behind baby's head. All you need is receiving blankets, like this. http://www.carseatsite.com/rolledblankets.jpg The same principle applies for bouncy chairs, swings, baby carriers. That airway needs to be open and clear and not chin to chest.
Wrt the thing to keep baby's head up. Don't buy one that loops over baby's head. Super dangerous as the can push baby's head forward in to chin to chest and compress airway causing asphyxiation. Receiving blankets rolled up work great and are multifunctional. I have the baby change station in my room mostly set up and made some hanging cloth diaper pails. I really hope they work because I don't have room for a big pail. Baby clothes are washed and newborn diapers located....
mine is super low. ive never felt anything remotely near my ribs. but man my hip (and back and groin.... ) ! im all low and out front. mostly getting swipes and pushes now. not lots of kicks any more. I think we've run out of room.
Ugh. Feeling so achy and sore today. Is anyone else at the can't stand clothes stage? Anything tight (bras, leggings, over belly pants) is driving me nuts. I want it to be warm enough for dresses (although I haven't worked out the logistics of dresses and my support belt). Bring on spring and flowy loose clothes!!
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