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Hi Moms,  looking for  some natural toy companies.   I know of Nova Natural....what others might you recommend?  Thanks!!   
thank you so much for all the info and links...and thanks for the reminder to be grateful for our well water, something I took for granted.  Take care (especially in the snow if your an east coast mama!).
Hi moms,  we recently moved to the country to a house with well water from a suburban house with city water.  Both the pediatrician and dentist have recommended starting our preschool boys on daily fluoride tablets....thoughts?  Thanks!
All boys here so cant speak to the pink from experience, I know from many years of lifeguarding back in the day, that the swimteam/athletic style bathing suits make it so much easier for girls to play and swim without always tugging and pulling on their suits .  I just cringe when I see the tiny little strappy suits in the store, ugh, that is no way for a girl to have fun in the water!  (especially while boys get to be so comfy in trunks).  At least now the rash guard...
Thank you so much for recommendations and like you said Jacquelin I am looking forward to learning more of the philosophy of Waldorf after being drawn in by the dreamy playspaces! What I have read so far really speaks to how I want to learn with my kids.
Hi moms.   I have been doing a little reading online about Waldorf education and it is very wonderfully interesting and a google images search of Waldorf playrooms is just dreamy...what books do your recommend to learn more about the style/philosophy and/or activities/curriculum?  Thanks so much!
 I very much like the donation idea...I have been to a few parties (housewarming/birthday/open house) that on the invite said something like "no gifts, though  please consider bringing a donation of nonperishable food for the food bank (or similar)" I was touched by the thoughtfulness of the hosts and it was remarkable to see the generosity of the party goers as well..as the other ladies said, this could be customized to the child's interests (gloves/socks/toiletries for...
I did the same thing and made a bunch of fabric bags that get passed back and forth, works great and dont get torn or crushed on the long trip over the river and through the woods to grandma's house :)  Growing up we saved all our wrapping paper, carefully unwrapping each gift.  My family is still reusing pieces of paper from 20+ Christmases ago...it is kinda of nostalgic to see the paper again, I have my favorites!  I ended up with an outrageous amount of tissues paper...
Hi Melissel,   What about "consumables" (as my mother begs for!)  for your MIL?  My family very much enjoy getting food gifts (homemade or store bought).  This year homemade relish, sausage from local farm, homemade rolls....   or a donation to a cause that she would like to support?  just some ideas I had that might match her simple lifestyle....good luck!
Thank you so very much for this helpful and reassuring information!  I really appreciate it and am so glad that I found the Mothering community.....
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