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The time has come for us to say goodbye to our old beloved dog. Can anyone help wiht how to explain the idea of cremation to a five and seven year old?   Thanks.    
Thanks for the replies! Interesting about the c-sections happening more quickly these days, I hadn't thought of that. In my case it was very obvious, my stomach literally looked like an hourglass. I thought it was bizarre and mentioned it to my MW but she thought nothing of it. A nurse saw it and asked me about it, saying that it looked strange. I told her I agreed, but that no one seemed concerned. I am surprised because it now seems very obvious to me. Anyway, again my...
If you do, please share!   Thanks!
Maryeliz,   A big hug to you. Yours sounds like an incredibly harrowing experience and I am so sorry that you went through that. I wish I had a positive answer for you on how to communicate with your friends and family. I want to offer my sympathy regardless.   I had a very difficult birth 12 weeks ago and I am just beginning to process what we went through. Thankfully, Dh is a very supportive birth partner and when I felt like maybe I was talking his ear off...
I know this is a pretty rare thing...still I am surprised that no one has had this! Thought I'd try again....     anyone? anyone know anyone who had this?   thanks!
Starfall--fantastic reading site with fun games.
Isn't there anyone out there?! Please share!
Hi Mamas,   I am wondering if anyone else has had a Bandls' Ring. In my quest for healing from my vba2c turned repeat cesarean birth I am trying to read what I can on what this is, and sadly I can find very, very little information. Can anyone help?   Thanks!
"We are thankful for our food, and remember those who are hungry We are thankful for our friends and our family, and remember those who are alone We are thankful for our health and remember those who are sick We are thankful for our freedom and remember those who are oppressed. Peace on Earth, Amen."   We are a somewhat Pagan, nature-based and ritual-happy spiritual family. My oldest children (4& 6) know this by heart and remind us if we forget to say it ;)
So I have a 4 week old and am once again a nursing mama. It is so amazing to me to see him growing so well and so healthy...I have a 6 yo DS and 4 yo DD who nusred for a couple years each and wonder why I dont give them a bit of mama milk now that we have a supply! Does anyone else do this and if so, how do you serve it?   Thanks!
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