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Evelyn-Isobel Moss born at 10:09am local time on 24/01/2014 (her due date) after starting induction on 21/01/2014 .. Epidural and aromaptherepy..7pund 8ounce..her daddy cut the cord...birthing story to come once I'm healed and well
Hey guys!! Got induced this afternoon after reduced movements (39weeks4days) and can say it is very very uncomfortable and quite painful..but seen as how I could have a long wait on my hands thought I'd spend some time taking my mind off the contractions...ouch...hopefully my baby girl comes soon xXx
7 days till DD and its driving me crazy. i wish ihadnt got everything ready so quickly now cause im just sat round bored everyday. everything is wased, steralised, clean and waiting... not even had any signs of labour..no braxon hicks, no plug.. nothing...really hope i dont go over 5 days till my mum's c-section..so were both super nervous, actually shes terrified. i cant wait to meet my amazing little brother and my little princess... my moods are through the roof and...
pineapple? Just wondering if anyone has previously or are trying the eating pineapple "trick" to soften uterus and induce labour naturally..I've tried almost everything in the book to "help a easier labour" Now I just want to hold my little girl and be a mummy ... Anyone had any experiance or luck with pineapple Xx
I've tried everything to stop waking up with a stuffy nose, windows open,humidifiers everything nothing works. Worst off I keep waking up on my back at least 4 times a night On the plus side I'm 37weeks today and midwife said my little princess's head is fully engaged and she thinks she might come a bit early *fingers crossed* Although I still feel her bum pushing against my ribs, which makes me wonder if midwife is wrong either that or I have a long baby Eek excited...
37 weeks tomorrow So super excited, hospital bag is packed,everything is folded and ready, her moses basket is ready all her stuff is just sat looking empty and lonely..everyday now were just waiting for a sign to say she's on her way.. Can't believe our birth month is finally here!! Feels like its been forever.. My mum got her csection date yesterday and its been moved forward to 2days before my due date, she's a little nervous but she'll be fine so excited to meet my...
ah, my bad i misread it.   well i really hope so 
im just wondering if the midwife will do one if i ask or if she will say no :/ 
this was at 35weeks  im now 36 weeks and 6 days the one with brown hair is me pre-pregnancy... fingers crossed i get back my figure    :) going to miss my bump lotss <3 22days till DD <3
HI.   36 Weeks and 6 days today :)  finally feel like the end is near.   i'm just wondering if its worth asking my midwife at clinic tomorrow for a membrane sweep and what the chances of getting one at 37 weeks is?   i have been in agony for the past 10 days and its just been shunted off by doctors at hospital. i cant sleep any more and i mean in 4 days i've had 4/5 hours tops. i cant walk because it hurts to and i cant eat because i feel sick due to not sleeping. i...
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