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Well, after an interminable 2WW and with AF a no show, I did a FRER this morning. A second line appeared, but it's SO LIGHT that you almost cannot even see it! It appeared right away, and it's a good thickness and pink, but you can only see it really well if you look carefully. Gads, I'm trying NOT to get my hopes up, especially after my three FALSE POSITIVES last month with those *&$^$*$^@ blue dye +/- EPTs. I am almost afraid to test again tomorrow. A second...
Mama2toomany----ROFLMAO about your comment---"they are just sitting there." !!! Thanks for making me smile, hon! Update: Just more BFNs for me. I'm almost for sure not preggo. Better luck next time!!
I got three false positives on a blue +- EPT. I am NOT pregnant. Those things SUCK big time.
I'll never get another blue line EPT. I had three false positives (thin thin blue lines right away.) And I am NOT pregnant....although I want to be! Hang in there mamma.
I think I'm about a million DPO at this point.....seriously, I don't know when I ovulated, but I spotted on the 6th.
Thanks for the baby dust! I guess we'll need it. THREE positives, . And then a BFN. I just can't stand it. Time to go to the beach.
Well, no more EPTs! This morning I did a FRER and got a BFN. No surprise there. Well, I guess I should be happy that at least hormonally, something is going on. Usually it takes me 21 months to have cycles again. Maybe we can have a last babe that is really close in age to his big brother. That would be fun! I'll test again in two days. But I'm not feeling very hopeful. Thanks for clueing me in on those $^%^#& EPTs.
So EPT is not reliable? Who knew? Well, I'm glad I went out and bought some FRER this afternoon then. I'll use one tomorrow (and Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday...) morning. Thanks ladies.
Well, one week after spotting, and no AF showing, and feeling pretty bloated, I did a POAS this afternoon. I could not use first morning urine because we only returned from a trip this afternoon. Anyway....it was a EPT and it turned up BFP! !!! I did three tests, and all of them were BFPs, although really, really faint. The first one is nice and clear, just a thin blue line, the second and third are fainter but definitely there. Then I tested again with a FRER...
Hey KingsDaughter----TTC #8 huh? Cool! If we are gifted with another baby, it'll be our sixth. And last, I'm also thinking. I'm getting too old for this, LOL. Loonar, did you do another test yet? I couldn't see a line, but that's because my computer screen SUCKS and so I'm hoping you post another test soon that I can see. But congrats anyway!!!!!! How's everyone doing? I'm really feeling not too pregnant, and am impatient to test this weekend. Monday...
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