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After insurance discounting, our cost was $300 for Panorama. Worth it for us as we would terminate for the serious trisomies and I'm nearly 40. But without insurance it would have been $1450.
How are you all doing? I'm 15wks, and when a colleague asked if I'm "at congratulations yet" yesterday, I finally said yes.
Eeey, got you added tonight. Yogamama, if you're on a phone, click on my user name then the button on the next screen that says send pm.
Oh no, I'm so so sorry!
I've never leaked DURING pg before, though I've had friends who did. Eep.
Pm your email to me or Wendy, CeCe, MotivatedMama, BallardBaby and any of us can add you ... I can't remember the user names here of everybody else participating there, getting used to associating them with real people instead.
Wendy started a private/secret group on Facebook a couple of weeks ago. I'm finding it easier to relax there - because it isn't Google searchable, maybe, or because we have real names maybe. Dunno. Anyway, I hope more of you might consider joining that too - so much easier for quick daily support.
Fragolina, have you had tingling too? I heard a newborn mewl-cry at the grocery this morning, and bbs tingled. Almost felt like a cross between goose bumps and let-down. Freaked me out.
My nipples are REALLY sensitive and tight, and feel oddly moisturized - not like I've put something on them ... just not like the rest of the skin there. I don't remember having major boob symptoms before, and never leaked while pg with either DD. Anybody else with weird bbs?
I can't drink rooibos right now, either. I am eating Doritos in bed. Oh yes. And I might sneak downstairs later tonight and eat chocolate chips ... but only because DH ate my last ice cream bar, the jerk. I did have lentils and wild rice for dinner, and chicken stir fry with edamame for lunch. I'm managing at least one healthy meal a day, and going with whatever suits the rest of the time.
New Posts  All Forums: