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Can someone tell me what happened on the episode where there was some type of fire? I missed that... I think it was on this past week.
Actually, tv or no tv, I feel that you child is better off in the hands of a caregiver that loves him rather than someone who is paid to care for him. When he is held by her or hurts she can give him love and build a relationship with him as his grandmother. That is very important. Plus, it can get lonely caring for a child all day that can not communicate with you. I did watch more tv when my son was younger because I needed to hear adult voices. At 13 months, I...
I have no issues with nudity -Dh and I both showered with our son until he was 7. We both still shower with our daughter at age 4. I do not think we would go around the house with no intention of getting dressed though.
Thanks everyone. It is nice to know I am not the only one with a child that does not pee much! I asked all of my friends but no one else had experience with this. I guess it is normal for her and I should stop worrying. I just thought she was the only child to pee so infrequently!
I was really hoping to get some help here. Anyone?
My four year old never pees more than 2 to 3 times a day. To get her to pee 3 times a day I have to sit her on the potty. Most times I have to sit her on the potty but she does go on her own some times. She says that it does not hurt to pee - she just does not seem to produce a lot of pee. IS this normal? I go to the bathroom about 8 to 10 times a day so it seems strange that she goes only 2 to 3. She stays dry all night too. She is in underwear all the time now...
I am worried about my husband having to get one because he is in the reserves. We missed the Anthrax vax and I was sooo glad. He retires in 4 years so I hope we can keep him Swine flu vax free until then. But they own his body you know - they can do with it what they want! UG!
Having lost my mom in July I cried though the entire show tonight. It was beautiful. It was good to see Jim Bob cry and hug his children. His father sounded like a wonderful man. Can't wait until next week when we get to see Josh and Anna's house! I continue to be completely in love with this family!
I am completely in love with the oldest son that takes care of the little one with CP a lot! He is so natural and sweet with her. He is going to make a fine husband to someone with all of that natural compassion! I just adore him!
I would really enjoy reality tv more if the families/people were required to maintain some sort of the lifestyle that they have when the show starts. Not that they can't move or work a bit less in order have time to do the show but their lifestyle should not change drastically like it has with a lot of these tv families. I almost feel like I am watching a show called - "Watch us get rich by doing realiyt tv"! The trips and everything are just WAY over the top! Also,...
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