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I just used my email...don't like to login with facebook.
Oh no, Minerva! I hope you somehow avoid it. I had HFMD when I was about 18 as I attended a k-12 school. It's not pleasant. Please take care of yourself. It really will be better in a couple of weeks. How did you rupture the ligament in your foot?
 The mud pie mental image is so cute. Yes, get those chicken pox while young! I had the pox later in life, and it was misery. Sounds like such a wholesome way to get infected! Yoga makes everything better. I think after birth, I'll start going to real live classes again. This is my favorite pre natal yoga video for at home. Before pregnancy, I was doing all her classes and was so very happy to see that she had gotten pregnant, too! On another note. I've been feeling pretty...
Do you have a good quiche recipe? We always have so many eggs, and my husband makes a good crust.
Prettyisa- I don't see any clearing of schedules anytime soon, either! Sounds like you'll be cooking up a storm!   So much to do at work before maternity leave. On one hand, it's a bit overwhelming and on the other, I'm just glad that it's not the dead of winter anymore. People are beginning to come out of hibernation; it was a beautiful 70 degrees the other day and will only get nicer. This time until end of September is heaven in Montana. It's pretty much why we live...
Violet is so cute. I really liked that name. Also, I think it is a stretch that it rhymes with toilet. Emphasis is off, so that is good news.   Zivia is pretty cool. Never thought I'd like a "Z" name.   I'm nervous because I was just getting husband into the name Rowan. Apparently Rowan is a very minor character in Lord of the Rings and that seems to be stuck in his head...
I made this Spiced Fava Bean Soup with Rice and Tomato the night before last. Really simple and great for lunches. The only challenging part was that my Fava beans were not pre-skinned, so I soaked them and then peeled them. Also, I always add like 3 times the amount of Cumin, and Coriander called for. And a little Cayenne! Having my last bowl for lunch today.
Haha! I've been thinking the exact thing about pants! I dread when I run out of dresses and skirts. I'm wearing pants today at work and have been sneaking one of the buttons loose in my office while at the desk .
Fembot- Thank you for sharing your experience, it hit really close to home. As this is my first pregnancy, I've had a lot of emotional ups and downs (and not a lot of sex) and always in the back of my mind is that I can never go back to being who I was before this-and neither can my body.   We are changing and there is no going back. But like you mentioned, this is true of many things. While always scary, a new chapter is beginning. Our lives will be different, our...
Mares-did you come to any decisions?
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