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I am 14 weeks and a couple days. A few weeks ago I ended up in the hospital with a large DVT in my leg, from my groin to knee area. I am now on lovenox (generic) until 6 weeks post-partum, switching to heprin closer to due date.   What implications will this have on a natural birth? Are there things I will *have* to have or do during delivery? Or things I can't do - position, massage, etc?   My last birth was at a hospital but completely no interventions (for...
If you're looking for raw dairy, check realmilk.com
Quote: Originally Posted by MrsAprilMay Anyone have recommendations for a homeschool group or co-op? Or even a 4H or scouting group that caters to homeschoolers? We've officially decided to homeschool DD! Congrats! So fun!! There are a couple local yahoo homeschooling groups. There are some co-ops and 4-h too. LMK if you need any more info. I'll do my best but I'm a newbie too.
Not sure what you've looked at and not sure I'll be much help but here's what I've been looking at - Beautiful Feet Truthquest GuestHollow.com
Quote: Originally Posted by PinkBunch Thanks...she is the one I saw during my last pregnancy, and saying we did not click is an understatement! I liked her work, but her bedside manner left a lot to be desired IMHO. Anyone else? I had the same experience but a lot of people like her. Sorry I couldn't be more help.
Dr April Dunnington - she's good for pregnant mamas. Not sure where her office is - she moved since I saw her.
I don't know the correct words so please bear with me. I was standing behind Ds2 (3yo) today and put my hand on his chest. His chest seems to be further out in the middle (between his ribs) then kind of slides down to the outside. I thought this seemed weird so I called DS1 (6yo) over. His is like mine - the center of our chests are slightly "sunken". Does that make sense? DS2 has had a croupy type cough for the last few days. But is much much better. Is he ok?...
Have you checked out realmilk.com?
I need a good gentle family dentist. Any rec's would be appreciated!
Quote: Originally Posted by hollytheteacher Did you notice that two seconds before Ali says "chris can i talk to you for a sec" her lips moved a little and I think it looked like she said "now?" in like a questioning way to Chris...like it was already planned that she would address chris to say that but needed to wait until the cue or something LOL ...I could be reading too much into it but if anyone has it DVR'd or something go back and look at her lips...
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