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well...I don't really know for sure (the $tree test has a light but definite line so I'm heading to the store in a bit for a different test) but if that test is accurate then I am expecting #4!!!  And baby #3 will be 6 months old on the 15th!!!!!!  I've never done the babies close together thing, so I'm a little freaked out but extremely excited :)   CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!
Yep..everything she said :)    
do you know anyone who has used either of the midwives?  I found talking to women who had hired both of the midwives helpful in choosing who I went with. 
I agree...go with your gut!   I chose the less experienced midwife for my second (and third of course!) daughter's birth and I am extremely happy that I did.  She has turned out to be one of my closest friends and is actually an amazing midwife.  We're so close that I'll be starting an apprenticeship with her in the next couple of years (after the littlest is old enough for me to be gone during the night) :) Someone has to give the inexperienced midwife experience,...
The first one is my favorite!   All our babies are so stinkin cute!!!
Your Ellie sounds a lot like my Ellie...love the nic names!  Ours are mostly Ellie Belly (her middle name is Bell) or Ellie Bird but dd2 (my stubborn one!) to this day only calls her Elliot Bell.  She runs it all together as one name and it's so cute :)   and since I'm here and actually posting   photos of Ellie's homebirth   Ellie Bird
Miss Elliot Bell was born at home at 8:33pm on 9/15/2010 at exactly 42 weeks. She weighs 7lb 5oz and is 20.5 inches long. We're totally in love and completely surprised that she is a she! Early labor lasted a lot longer than I thought it would, but once things got active it was only a bit over 2 hours before she arrived. I almost delivered her in my pants because I had no idea I was as close to pushing as I was. It only took two pushes...it kind of felt like someone...
42 weeks and....officially in labor contractions are 8-10 minutes apart and a little over a minute long. I'm about 5-6cm and I can feel the bag of waters bulging just a bit. Gonna see what the next hour and a half brings then give my midwife a call. Today is my grandparents 61st wedding anniversary
still pregnant...I'll be 42 weeks tomorrow. I ended up doing the acupuncture yesterday, plus a doula friend did pressure points and massage on my feet, and I had a nice adjustment from my chiro. Was having a bit of bloody show last night, but that has stopped and I'm still just sitting here waiting. Come out baby!!! We all want to meet you
turns out you cannot turn down a crying pregnant woman...acupuncture appointment at 1:30. Pray it works! If not and if I'm still pregnant on Wednesday I will have the midwife break my water. I am not going the hospital pressuring for induction/c-section (since this is a second VBAC) route for the life of me!!
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