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Well my showers are comfortable, I couldn't take a warm shower. Ive tried to avoid "too much" water because I pee about 3-4 times per half an hour. BUT I have started back up drinking as much as I can. This will be my first live baby so I am really strict on myself until I hear, see, feel, and kiss my babies face!!!
So at about 6.5w we should be able to see a heartbeat???   If so, Thats good to know. I was measured as 5w4/5days so they couldn't see one. I have an appointment on March 18th @ Noon for a follow-up. I am very hopeful and happy about it because I have symptoms (even though they change every week)
I hope everything is ok. Remember its hard to pinpoint the date of conception. After having sex, the sperm can live in your body for days so its difficult to measure when exactly the sperm attached. Positive vibes only! I did go see my OB and thought I was 6w5d but they measured my sac as 5w4d (or 5w5d). So it was exactly 1 week off. They could not see a heartbeat because I was so early.. but they did assure me that my sac looked fine and they scheduled me a 2w follow-up....
Thank you!!  I had a taste for crabs on valentines day (which is a reoccurring pregnancy symptom lol), I feel VERY VERY VERY tired and at about 830pm every night I am exhausted, when I do sleep it feels so good like ..im in a deep deep sleep, the bottom of my stomach is hard and I am bloated (like I'm showing early), my boobs are not sore but they feel tight, my hormones have been raging (I was so mad at my DH the other day...I went off....and I apologized to our rainbow...
bemyrainbowbaby (Porshia) 1st baby not my first pregnancy  October 24 Twins (doubles) or a girl 
yes I feel the same!! Its a lil difficult to not think ahead because of what we have been through. I am trying to focus on school ...that will keep some of this overwhelming excitement down.
I am so happy to be expecting after loss and this thread gives me life. I actually thought I was pregnant last month and the month before last. I "thought" I was. This time I have a missed period and also a positive test. My plans are to wait until I get a sonogram to tell my DH because we never had a sonogram. I did tell a few people but I honestly care to make my DH smile. I am very positive about this pregnancy and I talk to my baby(ies) everyday. I do not know why I...
Hi Ladies & Congratulations!    I am finally back with good news.... I am FINALLY pregnant and due October 24, according to the first day of my last period. I am so excited! I feel really tired...always. At about 8:30pm I begin to feel exhausted! Ive been taking my prenatal vitamins. They are vegan because I am vegan. I had a taste for crabs...thats how I knew for sure I was expecting. I have not told DH the good news yet...I want to surprise him with sonograms. I found...
I joined here about a month and a half ago assuming I was pregnant because of my symptoms..but I wasnt. It's ALMOST the same case this time but I honestly know I am. My period is due Thursday. DH & I lost our first December 2012 so I'm sort of very excited to get pregnant again.... There's my confession! (I'll be back Thursday if it's a positive!!!)
Im vegan
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