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Thank you - yes I will. It is a great shame that men do not participate, but is that because they are not interested or is it that we feel excluded and unwelcome? Nevertheless I will bite my lip and happily contribute what I can.
'connect with other moms' and 'join the stay at home moms group' might just make us dods feel excluded. You should have heard the fuss when I announced myself as the chairman of a meeting I attended a few years ago.
Thank you for your comment. It is quite difficult to find your way around the web site and maybe the intro is not the place to make my point. However, in half an hour I have received two responses - this is something I am very pleased about so maybe it worked in a roundabout sort of way.   So let me try again - Here is a real introduction. I have 5 children covering a wide range of ages - the oldest is 32 and the youngest is 5 so I have plenty of experience. There are...
Well thank you for your rapid responses. Yes - the name "mothering" is definitely one factor, but generally speaking much of the material on your web site appears to be aimed at women. Maybe I am a lone voice, but I think it is also important for men to be involved in the care and development of their children and some of us need all the encouragement that we can get.
Why do you assume that men are not interested in their children?
Having visited Disney store today I cannot agree more. There were 18 people in the queue, and when I eventually arrive at the front they were "unable to advise" whether I could buy a costume for my 5 year old daughter. Instead they offered the costume for a girl aged 8 saying "she would soon grow into it". The quality of the products is very poor and the prices are unreasonably high. I will not be shopping there again.
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