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wow.. we've kept that under super wraps in our stores.. they're being intent to the point that our booksellers were told they would be terminated if they left the store w/ a copy of it. i'm glad it's awesome though! i can't wait.. only 3 hours and 57 minutes.. peace ~mary
i get seamless socks for my ds at stride rite.. we really like them very very soft cotton.. (wish they made them in my size) peace ~mary
i'm making my ds an easter basket as well.. not too much candy. i put in some stuff i picked up at the dollar store. 2 board books popcicle molds bubbles small chocolate bunny and a few orange jelly beans (only ones he will eat) i think he'll enjoy those peace mamas ~mary
i have the EXACT same problem w/ my 4 year old ds!!!. he will not go to the potty at school no matter what ever!!! he is in school from 9:15 to 3:00.. i have no idea how he does it? i can't hold it that long myself. i have no advice b/c i've not been able to figure this one out yet either but you are certainly not alone.. mama of the kid w/ the strongest bladder in the east! : peace mamas ~mary
I have a BA in theatre and now i'm a bookseller. go figure???
I live in NYC and am a single mom and make about $32,000 a year...We barely get by. Rent here is insane.. My ds is in a private nursery school on scholarship (his tutiion would be $15,700 if we paid the full amount) I think it is all very realtive to location. While we struggle here, we would probably do quite well in another area of the country. Something I need to consider.. peace mamas...
hey there.. my ds is going to be 4 in 2 weeks and his "father" has never seen him.. ever... and i do not receive any financial support from him either. we were together for 5 years and when i was 8 months pregnant he said that he never wanted to see the child -first promise he ever kept. we are happy and complete w/o him though. while it can be very hard financially sometimes.. (i have like $40 to last me a couple of weeks right now) it is good and we are...
my ds turns 4 in a couple of weeks and is totally not potty trained yet. will not even consider it.. i'm having visions of kindergarten diapers too.. i don't even know what to do at this point.. sigh.. :
i know exactly how you feel about this. my ds has a huge problem with constipation as well and our dr. recommended for us to try mineral oil about 4 months ago. about a tablespoon in the evening. i has made a huge difference in that my ds is not scared to have a bowel movment any more b/c it does not hurt. we were in this vicious cycle of him being constipated and then not wanting to go b/c he was scared it would hurt (he's 3). from what i understand the mineral oil...
I really recommend the "Big Rumpus" by Ayun Halliday. She is the creater of the zine "East Village Inky" and the book is wonderful. She talks about day to day life in nyc with her two children. Very Very pro ap and extended nursing. love & peace ~mary
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