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Wheee! Just finished knitting a funky music festival hat in 6 mo. to toddler sized, hopefully for baby for next winter/spring and the one after.      
This is a new one for me--I don't think my overall "outline" has changed much since 10 weeks! I popped almost immediately, and seem to be holding steady at this place, now heading into week 21. This pregnancy, like my previous two, I've lost about 20 lbs. so far; usually, by this point, I start gaining a bit back, and I tend to end a pregnancy close to my pre-pregnancy weight. But boy, those movements and the early contractions sure make week 20 feel different than week...
You know, I felt a little pang of resistance reading the title of this thread--my other two births, despite months of diligent preparation, great attention to health and well-being, and lots of positive visioning--were so far from my ideal that I feel as if the very concept of "ideal" is starting me off from a place of frustration and betrayal. Goingonfour, I can relate to the humor in your post about heaping on the extras, if we're talking about perfect births: calm,...
We drink raw goats' milk. My source is also very trusted and well-respected for her cleanliness around here.
I'm working on a pair of alpaca baby legwarmers. They don't look like much yet, as my hope is to do some embroidery on them after they're knit up in a plain beige.   Next on my needles will be Elizabeth Zimmerman's Tomten Jacket; I've wanted to make that forever!
So glad you're here, Ratchet. My now-5 year old is *just* beginning to stay in the nursery happily. But he wants nothing to do with the classes yet. His brother, 8, was the same; about 6-7, he really got excited about being in a group of kids with a couple of friendly adult facilitators who weren't his parents. This year has been a really good experience for us, and I was glad to have waited until it felt right for him, even though that meant that my husband and my entree...
Updated to here, Mamas!
Beautiful, Marci. Thanks for sharing that.
ksquared, I think it can still be that easy! It's just hard to feel as if that's the "right" choice for you given all the many options. Myself, I tried lots of options and came BACK to the prefold plus pins/Snappi plus diaper cover. It was fun to play around with the other diapering styles and systems, though.    Frankincense, hooray for a diaper service! I have this (totally, totally weird, I know...) one-day fantasy of starting a diapering service. There is something...
I can relate to the itch! I wonder if it's the skin stretching to accommodate the growth?
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