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Quote: Originally Posted by Meiri It's false advertising! There usually is no "show". . I think that's the point. It's poking fun at people who *think* there is something pervy about bfing. :LOL
I think it pretty much comes down to guilt over not doing it themselves and/or fear of the unknown.
I have DD's and rarely wear a bra. If you leak milk (I leak a lot), you can either cross your arms over your boobs and push in hard, or just press on your nipples when you feel the milk letting down at the wrong time. There are also a kind of "pad" called "lillypadz" that are made of silicone and stick to your boob without a bra. They are very cool. As for the sagging, mama boobs are going to sag no matter what, so you may as well be comfy.
I don't think it's ever inappropriate to NIP if you feel comfy doing it. The only thing I would personally be uncomfortable with is having a 4 year old try to pull up my shirt and make a scene about it in public. I think 4 is definately more than old enough to accept boundaries. Even though she still nurses, it is OK and right for her to see you as an individual human being with your own right to privacy. I would definately let her know whether you decide to NIP or not,...
I don't have any suggestions - just sympathy. My boobs hurt no matter what bra i wear to try and exercise, even if I wear a tight fitting sports bra.
I love the Isis, too. It's a great pump. I never boiled any of mine. I do have a microwave steam sterilizer which I found highly useful, but of course, not a necessity. I pretty much did what the PP did to hers. HTH! Good luck at work.
Quote: Originally Posted by bec See, but by saying there "isn't one single thing that a person HAS to buy," you aren't taking those other situations into account. Everything that I paid for was 100% necessary if baby was going to get breastmilk. There is no arguing about it. To say otherwise is insulting. Bec I guess you missed the "except in rare situations" part, huh? It is unusual to need aids to be able to nurse, but of course...
What about an EBF'd older baby? My 11.5 month old isn't eating solids yet. I want to do WW, but I know my baby consumes a lot of calories. I guess I could adjust it on my own, but I wouldn't know how since I have no idea how much she really needs.
I don't think one can really compare. There isn't one single thing that a person HAS to buy in order to breastfeed sucessfully (except in rare situations). To bottle feed, you can't get around buying formula and bottles at the very minimum.
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