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I wouldn't worry either, unless you start to see blistering, cracking or other signs of nipple-wear from a bad latch or he starts to latch strangely onto his other mama. Bravo for being such a proactive mama!
That sucks! maybe she feels badly that she stopped nursing and she doesn't know to express it other than trying to make you feel bad, too. we usually say the most hurtful things to those we feel the safest with.
Hmmm... very interesting! I never thought of baking with ebm! What a good idea!
No help here, but I'll be watching this thread. My 11.5 month old is an abusive nurser. :LOL She bites and she'll pull of the breast and pinch my nipple as hard as she can with her nails. It's sooooo painful!
I had HORRIBLE PPD with all 3 of my babies. It took lots of work to get through it safely. Now I find that I have raging PMS (including depression) for like 1.5 weeks out of the month before my period. I never had it pre-kids and it has gotten progressively worse with each baby. I know I need to do something because I act like a psycho, yelling at my kids and being generally nasty. I feel like my skin is crawling, especially for the first few days before. It's really...
Quote: Originally Posted by PumpkinSeeds My MIL said that by nursing my ds I was going to turn him into a homosexual. OMG. :LOL
Quote: Originally Posted by indiana ima i just thought of a good response to this idiocy. "naww, she's spoiling me." oh, and i think i have this thread to thank for a comment i've been using lately. people love to tell me i "have my hands full". (good gracious people, i only have three kids. it isn't that many! anyway -- back to my point.) when i think it works as a response, i like to say "and my heart, too". the last person i responded to...
That breastfeeding is "nasty". The perfect comeback is "Yeah, it's WAY grosser than gloppy, powdered crap-in-can".
Ugh! The Pearls.... : I'll have to see if they are coming here.
ITA! That same exact thing has happened to us several times with our youngest. I think she has reflux and she's vomited in her sleep several times. Thank goodness I was right there!
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