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I think whenever they want OR it gets to where no one is getting a good nights sleep because the bed it too uncomfortably crowded.
I think some people don't feel connected enough with their kids to understand. I know that lots of people are freaked out by the dangers or co-sleeping and don't know all the facts.
Thanks for the info. I better get some more posts in!
My dd's nutritionist told me that Carnation Instant Breakfast is nutrtionally the same thing as Pediasure. I won't buy it, because I boycott Nestle, but I've seen grocery stores with generic brands of the same thing.
Hi! I'm new to MDC. My 4 yr old son has severe environmental and food allergies with allergic athsma. And my 2.5 yr old dd has a diagnoses of PDD(possibly Asperger's)/SID and has been borderline failure to thrive. She'll be 3 in May and weighs 25 lbs at 37" tall. She takes up 98% of my parenting energy. She sees a behavioral pediatrician and an OT weekly. She is also hypotonic and has a presumed mood disorder (maybe ODD?). She's extremly intellegent and is very interesting...
Quote: Originally Posted by annettemarie Once at a baby fair, someone came up to the La Leche League table and said that breastfeeding just didn't seem natural. : Annette I am so blown away by those kinds of statements. If it was someone who had given birth I would have to ask if they slept through the part where milk started coming out of their breasts on it's own??? My MIL thinks bfing is so gross she has to look away when I nurse...
Hi! I'm Jo. I'm a SAHM of 3 bambinos - Jonah 4 yrs, Analiyse 2 yrs and Josephine 4 mos. I am a navy wife to Chad. I love reading, writing, sewing, painting, scrapping, building and any other type of crafting out there! (just wish I actually had time for those things! LOL!) I am, of course, the resident milk truck, so I spend most of time with a babe or toddler attached to me in some way, whether on the boob or in the sling. ykwim. BTW - I the smilies here! I have...
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