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Looks great!  Thanks! 
I know -- it's too bad really.  It's become really important to ds to know that there are other kids (and grown-ups) "like him".  He went through a pretty huge existential crisis a couple of weeks ago.  And he's all of nine years old!  
Those are fabulous -- thanks!
Chocolate soy milk with hemp protein powder. 
Too funny -- those are the only ones we have too!  Thanks so much!  (Ds particularly likes the KFC game!)
Just wondering if anyone has any great links for veg sites geared toward kids.  Not so much the "having a veg kid" site, more a "I'm a veg kid and want to know there's others out there / learning about being a veg kid" type.  TIA!
Thanks for the links -- looking forward to spending some time on them!
Every day. The kids are fairly age-appropriate in their level of under-noticing opportunities to show their gratitude, and I do work on it gently. It's dh who tends toward the lame -- rarely tosses a thanks or whatever my way. I try to use it as a lesson to show my gratitude to him.... And it reminds me that I do things because I choose/need to, and to not be dependent on someone else for a measure of my worth. But that insight is only occasionally available to me! ...
Quote: Originally Posted by momtoS Ever thinking of getting a part time job for some down time? All. the. time.
Hi there! I enjoy sampling different inspirational/wisdom websites (anything from Christian centering prayer to Buddhist wisdom, new-agey tips to yogic philosophy, etc.), and am looking for some new ideas. Anything goes! TIA!
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