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WOO HOO!!!!  Congrats!!!!
I'd like to join, as well! Thanks for starting this. :-)
I'm in San Diego, too.
Be gentle to yourself.  Not everyone feels rainbows and unicorns from day 1 and that is OK.    Just take it one day at a time.  When I was pregnant with #3, I had to remind myself I was pregnant.  I didn't really feel like I thought I should until he was born, I was just too busy and stressed with everything else life was doing.    This time, when I start feeling overwhelmed by it all, I look at cutesy baby things.  Other people's nurseries, cutesy ideas, life hacks for...
A rolled up towel supporting your neck as you sleep?  I used to get terrible neck pain and my neck would lock up.  I saw a chiropractor and got it all straightened out....LOL  cuz he was a chiropractor.....   Anyway, try the towel trick, it helps me when my neck starts getting sore. 
Oh good good!!!!  Glad to hear all is well.     And I totally recorded the sound of my babe's heart on my phone yesterday just so I can hear it until the next time!  It sure makes me feel happy and relaxed.
It seems that the reason baking soda water is a no no is water retention.  I dug a bit deeper and found this is of particular concern if you are father along and have swelling issues.    My wedding ring is still freely sliding off so I don't think I am in any serious risk of danger.  However, it is good to know!
You know I really am following all of those things just by instinct.  YAY!  I even bought a gallon of milk recently after not drinking it for a year and a half, due to a sudden craving when I had heartburn.  So I am getting really stumped, I will try the papaya enzyme post haste! My SIL uses it and I have taken it at her house just for digestion not for heartburn. Thanks!   And if this persists the way it is, I'll do more research into the peppermint/essential oils and...
After my appt today, I still have yet to gain any weight.  I feel like I am eating tons, I eat until I am uncomfortably full not that I should.  I have sweets sometimes, but I have been worried about my sugar intake since I had gestational diabetes with my youngest and I tested high already at an early sugar test last month.  I got fussed at a little today for not going for my 3 hour tolerance test before Christmas.  So that's next week.   Anywho no net gain as of yet.
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