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Congratulations! Wow, what a surprise indeed to have an unexpected footling breech!!! I'm glad you were with midwives who knew just what to do, and that your little guy is doing well. Take care. Carol
Congratulations!! Glad your new baby has arrived. Welcome, Sylvia! Take care, Carol
Warm wishes...hang in there! Rest all you can and get plenty of fluid and some food; a tired body will "unstall" best if you stop and refuel. Soon you'll be holding your sweet baby! Carol
I'm so sorry to hear this. They are in my thoughts and prayers. Glad to hear there's been some encouraging news. Hope baby and mama are getting plenty of support and hugs and love. Warmly, Carol
Congratulations!!! Glad you got your waterbirth! Carol
Congratulations and welcome, Sophie!!! Carol
Congratulations! Sounds like an amazing birth. Carol
Congratulations!!! What a happy photo. Enjoy your sweet babe! Carol
Same here! Definitely doesn't seem so miserable now that I'm not living through it anymore, LOL. During late labor I told my DH, "I am NEVER doing this again! I don't care what I say in the future, remind me how sure I was that I was never going to do this again!!" I only planned to have 2 kids...but now that number 2 has arrived I feel uncertain that I can commit to being "done." Do I honestly want to draw that line and never experience this again? I'll have...
What a great story! She waited till Monday, but once Monday hit it was showtime, LOL!!! Congratulations on your sweet girl. Happy babymoon. Carol
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