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Awww, Ian's so adorable!! Congrats on the one month birthday of your new little guy. Oliver's 2 weeks old today. He's doing the sleep grins and the occasional little laughs, too. Or at least they sound exactly like laughs to me. It warms my heart to see those grins, especially since he's gotten really fussy and I'm so exhausted. So I truly enjoy the times he's sleeping and happy! Carol
Sorry you've been experiencing this. I have to wonder if that baby isn't going to just come out lickety split after all that prep work your body's doing?! Continue to drink lots of water and get lots of rest and it won't be long now.... Carol
Congratulations!!! Hugs to baby and mama after all the hard work you both did. Enjoy your babymoon. Carol
YAY!! Welcome Krisalyn. So happy for you--looking fwd to the details. Carol
Yay!! Congratulations and welcome to the world, Ruby. Love her name! Carol
Definitely remember to keep on eating, drinking, and resting. With both my labors, lying down to rest when I was exhausted actually sped contractions up. With my first I was trying to walk stairs and keep moving, but contrax were spacing out; when I finally gave up and laid down, they picked way back up. So don't stay up all night doing stairmaster, LOL! Best wishes. Oh, and visualizations and affirmations are a great idea, too. Carol
Same here! I'm following all the birth announcements and am so happy for you all, just not able to keep up with writing everybody 'cause something always interrupts me. Congratulations and many hugs to all the newest mamas! Carol
My DD never really dropped till I was pushing, either. This baby seemed to drop more and more till I couldn't believe he didn't just fall out, LOL! DD was born at 39 weeks 1 day, this baby at 39 weeks 6 days. So it just goes to show that dropping doesn't really have much bearing on when baby will decide to come! Carol
With DD our first outfit was a little one piece but then coming home from the birth center we used the outfit my mom brought my brother and me home in. This time DD had picked an outfit for the baby and wanted it to be the first, so we put him in that when he got dressed. Then we took birth announcement photos in a "boy" outfit when he was 2-3 days old. Carol
Congratulations!! That is wonderful news. You must both be so thrilled. Yeah, $600 is pretty good - we're going in a few months and that's how much the tickets are this far in advance. Well worth every $ for your DH to be there. I'm so happy for you! Carol
New Posts  All Forums: