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Ditto to all the wonderful things that have been said. At home you'll be able to be as relaxed and comfortable as possible. You can eat and drink what you want, when you want. Walk where you want. Wear what you want. No one will barge in and check your cervix repeatedly, or badger you about "progress," or send you signals about how they think you're "performing." When I was pregnant with my first and planning to birth at a midwife-run birth center, I wondered if...
Glad you like them NikiJeanne. FYI, I ordered a couple of free samples and they looked good in person, too. MAMom, that book sounds great! Thanks for telling us about it. My pics of DD were always pretty awful; it'd be so nice to do better ones this time! Carol
I have had trace amounts of protein/blood in my urine 2-3 times now. Since there aren't any other signs of anything wrong at all, the midwives think it's just from my cervix. I haven't had any bloody show at all, haven't been having sex, etc., so I don't quite understand. I occasionally get a good knock on the cervix from baby, but I never see any pink mucus or anything. Oh well?? Hope your tests come back A-OK. Carol
Can you talk to your midwives about how you'd like the Pitocin to be managed? Like when you get into a regular pattern they'll shut it off, for example? I'd also recommend (if it's okay with your health situation) to immediately start taking some evening primrose oil to hopefully help get your cervix "riper" and to do some herbal uterine tonics that work with high BP. Basically, get yourself "primed" so the induction is as smooth and quick as possible. Do you have...
I have clicking in my hips, pubic area, and back. Basically all the bones in the region. Like if I roll over in bed, my pubic bones make a popping sound. If that's where your sound is coming from, it's normal. Things just get loose and "clicky" near the end. The only pop I've ever had coming from my actual belly was when my water broke with DD - and it was loud and VERY apparent what that was, 'cause gobs of water then poured out, LOL! Carol
I'm due any day and don't know the gender, so I'm loving reading all the name ideas. It's crazy how similar my faves are to many of yours! I love "old lady" names, too; my DD is Ella Sage. Other ideas, sorry if there are repeats: Anneke or Annike (pron. Awn-uh-kuh) Cannelle (means cinnamon in French) Garnet Saoirse (pron. Seer-cha) Alder Langston Sayer Summit Xavier Carol
That so totally sucks. I'm sorry you're having to go through this. I wish they were more humane. Just a thought - definitely sit with your anger and disappointment for a while before making any final decisions. This is not what you planned and that's going to take some time to process. The next step is, "okay, NOW what?" Don't rule a doula out quite yet. A doula will meet with you at least 2 times before birth, so she won't be a stranger. You may well find...
I think I'm going to order mine from bellybeandesigns.com - they have a lot of really nice photo card choices and are less expensive than some of the other sites with similar products. If we can't get a good digital photo I have a friend who's a great amateur photographer and will ask her to take some for us. If I don't have this baby soon and get my other projects done, I guess I'll buy some envelopes and start addressing.... Carol
Just wanted to add, if homebirth is still in the running, ask your midwife if she's familiar with the Gaskin maneuver for overcoming shoulder dystocia. I'm not a midwife, but from what I've read I think you basically turn over on hands and knees and the midwife hooks one of the underarms and eases the shoulder out. Supposedly works great; Ina May learned it from indigenous women in Central America or somewhere. When she asked them where they learned it, they looked at...
Beautiful!!!! I was in tears more than once. Thank you for sharing that with us. Take care! Carol
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